Monday, February 28, 2011

Hello Again, For the First Time

Let me be the first to welcome you to my blog.  The Daddy Dialogues.  Of course who else would welcome you to it?  I mean it is my blog, right?

My wife has been pestering me for what seems like forever to start up this blog to discuss being a new dad to twin girls, our family, life, the universe and everything.  She has reminded me that there is a huge network of mom bloggers and very few dads doing the same.  And it's true, it seems like there is a blog written by every type of mom you can imagine.  But this parent blogging community is very lacking in the dad department (Damn, that's another good name for a blog. Next time, Gadget, next time!).

For whatever reason it seems like dads don't always have as strong a connection to their children as moms do.  Maybe this is because fathers get into their "provider" mode and lose something when it comes to bonding.  Maybe dads just aren't as willing to admit what is going on in their hearts.  I'm not really sure I know the exact reason why, but men certainly aren't as touchy-feely in general.  We aren't talkers especially when it comes to our emotions or feelings.  And with my nearly 4 months of experience having kids, I'm overflowing with emotions and feelings.

And I think it is about time that a dad started writing about it.  So this is my introduction to the world of blogging.  I'm going to write about my girls and how they affect me.  I'm going to write about my wife and our life together.  I'm going to give my opinions and I'm going to ask other dads to open up.  I'll also write about things that have nothing to do with being a parent because being a dad has changed me, but I still have interests beyond poopy diapers and burp cloths.

I'm not self-important enough to think anyone will care about this nearly as much as I do.  Mostly I wanted to do this so 20 years from now so Grace Posey (yeah like the Giants) and Ana Cristina can look back and see how much their daddy loves them now and always.

Welcome to The Daddy Dialogues.


erin said...

Great start babe. Now we just have to promise not to use our blogs against each other bwa ha ha!!

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

Yay!!! You're going in my reader!

pamela said...

Have I told you lately that I love you Brandon? Cant wait to meet your little beauties!