Friday, December 2, 2011

Daddy Daughter Days

Another Thursday, another day spent with my girls.  I love every Thursday because of it.  It's my favorite day of the week (tied with Sunday when I can spend the whole day with all of my family).  I actually also love Wednesday nights because I spend those evenings looking forward to the following day.

This Thursday was all about books, deliveries and exploration.

It started in the morning in the master bedroom.  Grace and Ana both wanted to "read" the books that we have in our room.  When I write the word read, I of course mean try to eat them.  But at one point Grace was lying up against me, holding the book and just looking at it.  Obviously she loves the pictures and couldn't pull herself away from it.

She might want to flip it right-side-up though
 While in the bedroom the girls and I started having fun with the camera on the iPhone.  Ana is such a ham.  She sees herself in a mirror or on the iPhone screen, and she immediately starts making faces and smiling.  I love it, and she obviously loves it too.  Grace is a little more demure.  More sly with her smile.  She did however take the phone away from me at one point to take her own pictures.


How artsy of Grace

I know that it seems like poop is involved in everything I write.  I'm really trying to avoid the topic if I can, but this was actually a part of our day.  Ana has been having some stomach issues recently, and the only way the doctor can know for sure was to bring in a fecal sample for them to evaluate.  We also had a limited time frame to bring the sample in, so I had to bring it in almost immediately.  Ana pooped right before bottle and morning nap time, so this led to some fussy babies as we drove to the hospital to drop off Ana's sample.  They were however in good spirits when the lab employees said their hellos and waved at them.  They also got to put on cute outfits.

Special delivery
 After getting home, they immediately went to sleep, and it was time for me to clean up around the house.  They napped for almost two hours and were ready for lunch the moment they woke up.  And then it was time to explore and create more messes for dad to clean up.

Pretty sure you shouldn't be pulling towels out of here
I went into work in the afternoon for about an hour or so.  I brought the girls, so that Erin and I could trade cars.  Erin of course wanted to bring them into the office for all the coworkers to see.  They were both a little bit tired after a long day, but they still smiled and laughed and were in good spirits.

All in all, it was another great day with my daughters.  I can never complain spending an entire day with my girls.

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