Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Twitter Machine Tuesday

There is so much going on in my life right now that just can't make it into my blog.  Part of me wants to write it all out and throw it out there for the world to see and judge.  Another part of me thinks that this isn't the place to air it all out.

Granted, I lose a bit of credibility by not laying everything out there and holding back.  My whole reason for starting this process was opening up about things in my life.  There are some huge things happening right now in my life that I'm not too comfortable with discussing in blog form.  Trust me, you're all the better for not having to read about it.

Plus there is so much more to life than worrying about ridiculous drama.  The Twitter Machine for example.

-I wonder how long it would take for two people listening to the same Pandora station to hear the same song.
-Grace has a cold (which I caught) and there is no end to the snot. I feel so bad for her, but she is a trooper.
-She actually has a better attitude about being sick than me
-Madonna is doing the Super Bowl halftime show. Here's to Tebow making it and her performing Like A Prayer.
-Remember Fuddruckers? The Counter is build-your-own-burger but 1000 times better. Highly recommend.
-Herman Cain is no longer running for the Republican nomination. It isn't the first time he pulled out.
-So porn on the internet will be under .xxx now. How long before facebook.xxx pops up?
-Yo Gabba Gabba makes my soul hurt. Also the DJ freaks me out.
-The girls of course can't get enough of it which means I get too much of it.
-How come all the "special" flavors this time of year are Egg Nog? Egg nog is gross.
-I'm okay with peppermint or pumpkin around Thanksgiving and Christmas instead of egg nog.
-The guy who wrote Closing Time co-wrote Adele's Someone Like You. #funfact #thatguymustbedepressed
-So if the 24 movie is two hours long, will that just be 2 hours of real time events?
-Obviously it will be two hours of Jack Bauer yelling and shooting people.
-Also isn't the whole hook of that show that Jack Bauer has all this happen in one day? #missingthepoint
-How happy is every movie studio that had already filmed two movies in a series before the 3D boom? #3Dinmovietitles
-Another reason to love twins: They try to give each other their food when sitting in their high chairs.
-A new report found children's cereal has too much sugar. It was published in the New England Journal of Things You Already Knew.
-I like to do nice things for people I work with. There isn't an ulterior motive. People just need to know they're appreciated.
-We watched the in-laws' dog this weekend. Everytime Ana hears her collar, she says "DOGGY!" #adorable
-So glad Dani is back. I love her blog. Her pictures are amazing. Her writing is beautiful in its simplicity. Missed her posts.
-Ana has become a biter recently. It has become her way of playing which is not cool.
-She also likes to stand behind Grace and tries to bite the back of her head. #wheredidshelearnthis?
-Going to Yard House tomorrow night. Any suggestions on what to try? Food? Beers?

That's all for this week's Twitter Machine.  Not a single Christmas reference this week (except for the picture).  Must be losing my touch.  Or we just didn't watch The Sing Off Christmas special.  Either way.  See you next week.


Anonymous said...

In regards to your first post on this...It would be a simple probability calculation to get the expected amount of time before two people heard the same song if you had the data for the station they were listening to... :-)

Brandon - Daddy Dialogues said...

The term "simple probability calculation" sounds complicated enough to ensure I'll never figure this out.

Becoming Supermommy said...

Isn't your Eggnog at Christmas tweet a Christmas comment?

Our grublings LOVE Yo Gabba Gabba. Freakin' LOVE it. I have to admit- I do find myself singing to them around lunch time... "There's a party in my tummy! So yummy! So yummy!"

Our kids are more cheerful about being sick than I am, too. :)

Brandon - Daddy Dialogues said...

Good point on the Egg Nog. That is Christmas comment. Forgot about that probably because I hate the Nog.

Kim {Yep, they are all mine} said...

I propose a double date starting at The Counter and ending at Yard House.

I think I've had most of the IPAs at Yard House, but the one that stands out is the Black IPA (Stone, I think). It was delicious. Like dessert.

Brandon - Daddy Dialogues said...

@Kim - Love the idea. Now we just have to snooker someone into watching all our kids.

I've tried the Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Black IPA. It is wonderful. But having it again would go against my 30 by 30 of trying everything they have on tap.