Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I've come to the conclusion that infants don't make for a very interesting blog.

Don't get me wrong.  I love being a dad.  I love the new experiences that every day brings.  Ana is now army crawling everywhere, so you can never turn your back for more than a second.  Grace is saying "DA DA DA" and "BA BA BA".  Now all she has to do is learn how to say "GA GA Ooh LA LA" to become a terrible pop singer.  It amazes me that they are able to learn this stuff.  It isn't like either Erin or I ever actually taught them this stuff, yet they seem to learn something new daily.  Like it is in their DNA.

I've also learned more and more about myself and my wife during this experience.  I now know that changing diapers on babies that would rather be rolling around is a frustrating challenge.  It is also quite rewarding when they finally stop long enough to snap the diaper cover back up.  I've learned that my baby nails and teeth are sharp.  Sharp like I feel the need to get a tetanus shot afterwards.  But heaven forbid complaining about it.  My wife will always have the one-up of biting during breastfeeding.

But is this all that interesting?  Do you really want to read about how much I love my life with my twins and wife?  Nobody watches a movie or reads book where nothing actually happens (I guess that's pretty much every Richard Linklater film, so maybe people do).

We just haven't had a lot of issues with our girls.  They've been pretty *GASP* easy.  I know that I'm supposed to complain about how hard it has been with twin babies, but I don't ever want to take them for granted or try to make people feel sorry for me.  I also don't want to lie.  I oftentimes find that life is only as easy or hard as you make it for yourself.  A person who thrives on drama will complain about how crappy his or her life is, so you'll pay attention and make him or her feel like a hero.  That isn't me.

Maybe it's just because I need to be a better writer, but I'd rather they just do all the work for me.  I can't wait until they start saying ridiculous things.  That would make things easier.  How about walking and getting into compromising positions?  That would be awesome.  Maybe eat a Lego or something.  Let's add some spice to this blog because I'm certainly not bringing it.

Time to pull your weight.  All 32 pounds of it...combined.


Kim {Yep, they are all mine} said...

I get it. I didn't start blogging until my kids were 4, 3, and 1.

Becoming Supermommy said...

Trust me. They will.

I was in the same boat. My blog started out being sort of about parenting tips (as a breastfeeding mother of twins, I felt qualified) and grew into long, verbose passages on how humbling parenthood is. And then...


I think you'll probably get a kick out of that. Or run away screaming.

Dani said...

Careful what you wish for, Daddy.