Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Twitter Machine Tuesday

Twitter Machine Tuesday is back with a vengance.  I have a lot of thoughts rumbling around in my head, and I'm here to share them with the world.  The world of course being my tens of readers.

-A What to Expect when You're Expecting movie? Seriously?
-My wife became sort of hippieish when we had the girls. Making her own baby food is something I'd never expect from her.
-I love people that kill conversations. Sitting off to the side and adding 2 cents when you already had exact change.
-I agree. Ed Hardy screams "I'm a gigantic douche. Everyone look how douchey I am!"-Add that to the list of guys who my daughters will be too good for: Ed Hardy guys.
-Rest of the list: alcoholics, druggies, clowns (pro or amateur),  porn stars, Dodger fans and Charlie Sheen.
-I just don't understand why everyone is so crazy about the Harry Potter movie.
-Ditto for Twilight
-I'm not a big fan of the Eagles. The band not the football team. Just think all their songs sound the same.
-My wife makes the most amazing garlic bread. Basically just bread with butter and garlic broiled in the oven until toasted.
-Ana really has become a bit of a bully.  She is constantly stealing things and scratching her sister. Also she is a baby and doesn't really get consequences yet.
-You should go check out this contest that Kim is running on her blog. It decreases my chances of winning if you enter, but you should anyway.
-Memories by Michelle has some phenomenal photos, and it's a prize anyone should want to win.
-The Home Run Derby is a spectacle that is pretty entertaining. Unfortunately it goes hand in hand with Chris Berman. Ugh.
-The MLB All Star Game is the best of all star game of all the professional sports. Period.
-Bud Selig however is a gigantic douche and the worst commissioner in sports. Who cares if the game "matters"? We just want to see good games.
-End baseball-related tweets on my fake Twitter Machine
-You know what I don't understand? Chinese
-We're teaching a baptism class for the first time tonight. @erinsgirls asked if I wanted to do it 50-50. Yeah right. She can drive.
-I never know how to finish these things...

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Kim {Yep, they are all mine} said...

As one of your 10s of readers, this made me laugh :-)