Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Twitter Machine Tuesday

Apparently this Twitter Machine fad isn't going away.  Or maybe Google will just figure out a way to create their own version and call it Googer+.  They could make it invite only to give a false sense of exclusivity, so people think they're a part of some secret society.  You know like a secret society that everyone knows about?  Anyway I'm not quite sure what I'm even complaining about anymore.  Apparently I hate the Twitter Machine and Google+, so theres that.  I will break off this tangent and get into my fake Tweets.

-I'm all for the US of A, but I'm just not entertained by women's sports
-I will say that penalty kicks deciding something so big irks me. May as well flip coins to decide it.
-So sick of people who talk in buzz words. So disingenuous but it is everywhere in business.
-We need to start thinking outside the box about paradigm shifts.
-I wish the first season of The Walking Dead lived up to the potential of the pilot. Season 2 may still get it right.
-My brother is having a baby girl. I love that we'll have cousins that are so close in age.
-I'm always reminded of why I love the weekends so much.
-Grace drooling on my face while Ana crawled up onto my stomach was the moment on Sunday.
-Watching Weeds on Instant Queue. I don't know what to think about Mary-Louise Parker's character.
-I hate when someone constantly makes the same mistakes without learning from them or suffering any consequences. Which is her character.
-I also like snarky, sarcastic people. Which is also her character.  Hence the confusion.
-In a related story, the song "Little Boxes" will never be out of my head.
-The Franchise on Showtime is very good. A little rushed but an excellent inside look at the Giants.
-When you get married, it's always we. Like We need to spend less even when you're not the guilty party.
-My wife has mom's night out with the twin group. Is there a dad's night out?
-Cool nights will always make hot days worth it.
-If I give you something, you should at the very least say Thank You. That is common courtesy. Well not-so-common anymore.
-So long since we've gone to fro yo. I need a fix. Can't wait until the girls can walk there with us.
-@erinsgirls told me yesterday that we're seeing The Help in the theater. Seems like a sitting on the couch movie.
-We're planning another "reunion" weekend for Erin and her family friends. The planning alone is fun, so the weekend should be epic.
-I would always tell Ana how strong she was while in the NICU. Erin told her that the other day. Made me tear up.
-The Franchise has however made me less hateful towards Barry Zito. I don't know if I should be happy or sad about this.
-Grace has now joined her sister in the ranks of crawlers. Heaven help me.

That's all for this week.  I'll be putting the Twitter Machine on snooze until next Tuesday.  Check back then for my fake tweets.


Kim {Yep, they are all mine} said...

Little Boxes is short lived.

I'm saddened that you and Erin are not in love with Weeds like I thought you'd be.

MLP is on my girl list.

Brandon - Daddy Dialogues said...

I love MLP the person. Just don't know about the character. And don't get me wrong, we're addicted to this show.