Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Twitter Machine Tuesday

I know that I haven't posted anything in a week, but I don't apologize for it.  It was a long holiday weekend with numerous activities.  I'm sure you were all wondering aloud "What the hell am I going to read while I enjoy my fifth beer while exploding stuff and eating too much food that is terrible for me?"  Or you got over it and continued on with your life.  I don't blame you.  But I didn't want to be completely out of your consciousness, so I'm back with my lazy post that I don't have to plan too much in advance.

Once again these are the thoughts I'd share if I ever signed up for a Twitter Machine.

-Hot dogs are not good for you, but damn do they hit the spot on a hot day. Or any day.
-Never underestimate the kindness inside people. We always give when we can.
-People who prefer hot weather are ridiculous. Explain to me how 100 on a thermostat is fun. Stupid.
-Coming to the bay area to escape the heat didn't really work out. It was hot everywhere.
-Al Gore was right.  This was rather inconvenient.
-I found out that I really enjoy wiring fireworks shows.
-Also seeing them go off from less than 100 yards away and explode over your head is awesome.
-The Girls finally went to their first Giants game on the Fourth of July. They were very good and as always were a big hit.
-It remains to be seen if they'll bring luck to the team, but so far off to a bad start girls.
-I love America, beer and fireworks, but I hate hot weather.  Maybe enough to offset the Ameribeersplosions.
-Children are the greatest gift I've ever received, so it makes it that much harder to understand what we all know Casey Anthony did.
-Ana cried after the Padres scored. She just wanted her team to win.
-I had an awesome idea for an anniversary present that fits with the traditional 4th anniversary theme of flowers and fruit. But not happening.
-A KitchenAid with four different kinds of flours. Awesome, right?
-I can't believe I just saw a commercial for 911 being for emergencies only. Are there that many stupid people?
-My wife is now dropping Liz Lemon-isms without even realizing it.
-I've never caught a foul ball or home run ball during a game.  I have however caught a ball during batting practice.
-There have been a lot of baseball related Fake Tweets in this post. Get over it.
-Any suggestions on where my wife and I should go for our anniversary dinner? We are going to get a babysitter and everything.
-Are there video arcades anymore? I used to love blowing quarters on Street Fighter and the like.
-I've had dreams that have made me irrationally hate people. Don't say I'm a bad father in my dream, damnit.

Checking out for this week.  But I'll be fake tweeting next week for you enjoyment or indifference.


Kim {Yep, they are all mine} said...

Re: anniversary dinner. I propose a double date with Mr. and Mrs. Yep at Yardhouse. Romantic, right?

Dani said...

I would love a Kitchen Aid with 4 kinds of flour. I accidentally started collecting flours. I have over 10 kinds in my pantry. Don't call Hoarders.