Friday, September 30, 2011

Daddy Daughter Days

I know that I said these would be posted each Thursday, but it was a little bit hectic yesterday.  So you get my Thursday post to kick off your weekend instead.

It was hectic because my wife took an adventure to the Google headquarters.  It was for her job, so she actually had a business reason to go.  Although it is also her favorite company ever, so she was excited for the opportunity to go.  She did however agonize about it.  She knew that going there meant leaving on Wednesday night and possibly not seeing Grace and Ana all day on Thursday.  I think a small part of her was worried about my ability to take care of the girls, but a larger part was not spending any time with them.  She ended up going (and enjoyed it in spite of not seeing the girls).

She warned that the girls may wake up in the middle of the night and to move the monitor closer.  My secret shame: I sleep through them crying all the time.  I thought I would develop a radar for this sort of thing, but it hasn't happened.  I was a heavy sleeper before, and I'm still a heavy sleeper.  No changing that apparently.  So I turned the monitor up full blast and put in right next to my head.  Grace woke up just after midnight, but I gave her a pacifier and she fell right back asleep.  For the rest of the night.

They both were up at 6am and ready to play.  Seriously.  They were hungry, but more than anything they wanted to play and laugh.

Grace went on an adventure in the kitchen.  She and Ana did their normal routine of pulling out on the plastic ware in the cupboards.  Instead of playing with it on the floor, Grace wanted to delve deeper and see the inner workings of the cupboard.  This is how I caught her.

For lunch I gave the girls spaghetti.  If you've never watched a baby eat spaghetti, you are missing out big time.  Seriously one of the cutest things ever.

After lunch we played in the living room.  Erin bought them a little table that makes music noises and ABCs and counting.  The girls seem to really enjoy it.  They get to stand and play with it and each other, and it is much safer than them playing on the jumperoo.  The only problem is it shorts out and that causes the sounds to stop, but that hasn't kept them banging away on it.  You'll also notice that I don't have them in their normal Thursday attire (Giants gear).  Erin said that people would think I never clean their clothes if they're always in the same outfits, so I changed it up this week.

We went up the stairs again.  Grace has already gotten so much faster than just a few days ago.  Ana is still the reigning speed demon.  In fact she has started a new game to worry her dad.  She now turns around when she gets to the top of the stairs and tries to come back down.  Not quite yet Ana.  There of course are no picture of this yet because I'd feel like a pretty irresponsible dad if I whipped out my camera instead of making sure they didn't fall.

After stair climbing, we walked to the store to get Erin a card.  She was very upset that she didn't get to see them, so I bought her a card and wrote her a note from the girls.  I also went to Icing on the Cupcake and got a two-pack of deliciousness.  She seemed to like both, and she let me have one of the cupcakes.  Win-win.

I did bathtime by myself because Erin didn't get home until after their bedtime.  Erin was obviously happy to be home.  So happy that she wasn't listening when I said that I had given Grace some Baby Tylenol before bed since her teething has been bothering her.  Erin gave her another dose which freaked her out enough to call the advice nurse.  All was fine though.

Another wonderful Thursday with my girls.  Erin even got a Google t-shirt from the headquarters.  Have a great weekend!

The Dream Team

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