Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Twitter Machine Tuesday

As I write this, I am certainly not thinking about writing it.  How is this possible with words still finding their way onto the screen?  That is a very reasonable question, and I can't really say I know.  Because right now I'm thinking about what is on TV tonight, and yet the words keep showing up.  I'm also thinking about what it will take for the Giants to make the playoffs besides a miracle combined with a collapse.  I'm also thinking about what my girls are doing at this moment.

As you can see it becomes very hard writing a blog with two cogent thoughts strung together.  Luckily for me, I have my Twitter Machine posts.  All I have to do is spit out one cogent thought, and actually it doesn't even need to be cogent.  Just a thought is all I need.  It doesn't have to be humorous or tug at your heart-strings.  It just has to be a thought and nothing more.  This doesn't bode well for people actually posting to the real Twitter Machine.  If I'm not thinking before I fake tweet, I can only imagine how little thought goes into real tweets.

So once again here are my unfiltered, unprepared thoughts for the week:

-The Sing Off is back on, and I have one of my guilty pleasures distracting me from writing again.
-Sara Bareilles is so much better and brings more to the table than Pussycat Dolls chick
-I hate wishing the worst on someone, but damnit I hope Arizona D-Bags choke so hard. #sfgiants
-Pro-Tip: Never try to drive home past a football stadium immediately after a game ends.
-You never realize how much you can hate multiple fanbases when you deal with them in traffic
-We actually saw a guy get out of his car to threaten someone...on the freeway. #safetyfirst
-As I see it, a two-ton truck is more deadly than your hard looks and over sized jersey #thinkitthrough
-JLo driving a Fiat is about as believable as me driving a Bentley
-Ana was sits in the bathtub looking at Grace just laughing.
-Kids constantly remind you why you had them (not that I needed the reminder)
-Poison for the last few weeks: Vanilla Coke Zero and Vodka. Crazy delicious.
-If The Playboy Club gets picked up for a second season, I'll eat a rabbit's foot.
-Apparently Modern Family is well-loved.  I don't watch it or the Emmy's, so I've no frame of reference.
-Any awards that fail to recognize The Wire can't be taken too seriously.
-But really what are awards shows but gigantic, televised, over-dramatic circle-jerks?
-Isn't it enough that these TV folks get paid handsome salaries? They also need awards to validate them?
-That being said Jon Hamm was robbed.
-Rice noodles are totally under-appreciated. This is also true of Thai food in general.
-Now I want some Pad Thai and Panang Curry. Anyone want to bring me dinner?
-When is fall supposed to happen? We're still in the 90s where I live.
-I want the leaves to change, the weather to cool and hot cocoa to become an acceptable beverage again
-Is Pete Campbell from Mad Men so annoying because we've all worked with someone like that?
-The girls love pancakes. I'm sure they'll ultimately prefer waffles but its a good start.
-I find that your political leanings matter very little. A blowhard is always a blowhard. #keitholberman #billoreilly
-Moneyball combines 3 of my favorite things: baseball, movies and Brad Pitt
-All they needed was to include my babies and wife and it would be the perfect movie for me
-Seriously can someone bring me some Thai takeout? I'm starving.
-I'm about 10 lbs lighter since starting Weight Watchers with @erinsgirls. Another 10-15 would work.
-If I hear Blue Bayou at work one more time, I may punch something #changethestation
-People playing made-up words in Words/Hanging with Friends is one step below hate-crime
-I feel like the R&D department at Nabisco is just a room full of stoners #tripledoubleoreo
-Erin and I are trying really hard to not curse in front of the girls. It's pretty fucking hard.
-Erin insulted Tony Bennett. He sings I Left My Heart In San Francisco. May lose her Giants fan card.
-I'll miss this summer heat like you'd miss a kidney stone.
-Underrated Pandora station that you'd probably think sucks at first glance but doesn't: Rush Radio.
-Doesn't look I'm getting any Thai food via my Twitter Machine. Looks like its leftovers tonight.

Signing off this week.  I'll be back revving up the Twitter Machine next Tuesday.  Have a great week.


erin - mutterings of eringirl said...

Pancakes are superior. But let's not fight on your blog...

We do need some Thai. Maybe soon?

Don't question my SF fanhood.

Dani said...

Cussing in front of the kids is just an accepted evil. I had the "some words are grown up words" with The Offspring long ago. Fuck it.

Love your Twitter posts.