Friday, November 4, 2011

Daddy Daughter Days

It's official.  Everyone in our house is sick.

Erin got the cold that the girls had about 24 hours after they started showing signs.  And a day later I was hit with it too.  It has been a pretty miserable couple of days filled with runny noses and tissues.  I've ingested a  form of Nyquil and Dayquil every 6 hours for the last few days.  A chorus of coughs has echoed through every room.

This made our normal Thursday a little less than normal.  We still played and explored the downstairs of our house, but the biggest emphasis of the day was placed on naps.  The girls were napping champions.  They both slept about two hours in the morning (which is never the case) and another hour and a half in the afternoon.

Since this took up over 3 hours of our day and I didn't really like the idea of taking them out while they were sick, we don't really have a lot of adventures to share.  It was a low key kind of day.

There was one thing that happened that warmed my heart.

After lunch, the girls were still both acting hungry, so I heated up a tortilla, quartered it and gave them each pieces.  They stood at the edge of the couch and chair and chowed down on their snack.  Grace finished up first and started to cry because she apparently wanted more.  Ana seemed to notice this.  She held out the rest of her tortilla and made a few noises to get Grace's attention.  Grace crawled over to her sister, and Ana handed over what she had to Grace.

I've known from the beginning that these two have a special connection and really care about each other, but this really crystallized everything.  Ana was willing to give away the rest of her food to make her sister happy.  It was one of the single most beautiful moments that I've experienced as a parent.  Knowing that there is a selfless love shared between these two sisters makes me a proud dad.  I know that this will all change in a few short months and years when they'll start fighting over toys, clothes, etc.  But when the going gets tough it's nice to know that they'll always love and look out for each other.

That made for a pretty good day in spite of all the coughs, sneezes and runny noses.

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