Wednesday, November 2, 2011

On Your First Birthday

Dear Grace and Ana,
My entire life changed a year ago today.

It really started a year ago the day before, but you should already know that story.

Grace, you came out screaming.  It was almost as if you were announcing your entrance to world at the top of your little lungs.  It was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard.  I don't have enough writing talent or a good enough grasp of the English language to really describe it.  You were this little fragile person saying "Hello" in your own little way.  Since then your sister has done a lot of things first, but you'll always be able to say "Daddy saw me first".

Ana, you were a little more quiet during your entrance two minutes later.  There was an issue with your breathing.  It was nothing to be too alarmed about, but your sister broke out sooner than expected.  Sooner than your lungs could really handle.  You didn't make lots of noise like your sister, nor were you ready to open your eyes just yet.  Apparently you were saving up your energy because you have definitely made up for that since then.

I was hit with a flood of emotions when you were born.  I was excited that my girls were here.  I was scared that you were here too soon.  I was happy because you seemed to be healthy (or at least that's what the nice nurse kept reassuring).  I was panicked because I was unsure how your mom was doing, but I couldn't leave your side.

I haven't spent a day without you since then.

You've grown up so much in the last 365 days.  You've learned so many new things.  You went from smiling randomly to smiling whenever I walked into the door.  You are learning to talk and walk.  You should be experts at both very soon.

My life has new focus since you were born.  You are both a part of every decision that I make.  My motivation beyond anything else was now tied to you.

My life will never be the same, and I'm glad that it won't be.  Happy birthday my beautiful little girls!

Your Dada

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