Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Twitter Machine Tuesday

This past Sunday we celebrated the girls' first birthday.  As I've written before, we decided on a baseball theme.  Erin totally embraced it.  She went with A League of Their Own as the theme that went on the invitations.  She made pennants and signs that read "Concessions" and "Will Call".  There were peanuts and pop corn, and we served hot dogs like we were at a ball game.  Erin even made trading cards with pictures of the girls on them for people to take home.

It was so much fun seeing all of our family and friends.  We found the cutest polka dotted outfits for the girls.  And they got to eat cake and sugar for the first time.  It was really a great day.

I'll have pictures and videos up in the next day or two.

But today is all about the Twitter Machine:

-I love The Sing Off, but it is getting very clear that one group is head and shoulders over everyone else. #pentatonix
-The performance of Wake Up on The Sing Off was absolutely incredible. Great song. Fantastic rendition.
-Coldplay's new album has a few great songs on it, but it also has A LOT of over-produced music on it.
-People reacting to Conrad Murray's verdict is hilarious. Celebrating someone's guilt seems reasonable.
-People are actually calling for the death penalty for Murray. I liked Thriller too, but that's kind of extreme.
-Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at Occupy Wall Street was absolutely genius. #teamcoco
-I find it off putting how skinny Jonah Hill has gotten.
-I find it more off putting that 21 Jump Street is being remade as an action comedy.
-Everyone knows that when fat people become skinny they cease to be funny
-Joe Frazier dying is a huge story. There would be no Ali without Frazier
-If the NBA doesn't come to an agreement soon, I'm giving up on the entire product
-All involved parties in the lockout definitely lack perspective when no one is mentioning the fans
-I've never seen so many presents as what the girls got on Sunday
-It's always fun when your team is involved in a trade or a signing #sfgiants
-I think we should have charged admission to all our party guests to watch the girls eat their cake
-The Duggars are having a 20th kid. At what point do we stop considering them a family and start considering them a country?
-Are we ever going to be done with this whole Twilight thing?
-Let's just all agree to move on to getting excited about the Hunger Games. Okay?
-The past year has gone by faster than any year before it. I can't believe my kids are already 1.
-I'm working on a list of things to do before I turn 30. @erinsgirls thinks there's no way I'll do them all.
-One of those things is not have a sham marriage with a Kardashian sister #notnbamaterial
-It's fall and I still haven't had a pie. Something is wrong with this.
-I hate people that complain and whine about everything.
-The whole universe isn't conspiring against you. You just suck at life.
-Normally don't have a rooting interest in college football, but gotta root for the Ducks this weekend.
-What did Mexican food do before sour cream and guacamole? #notbesupreme
-My pick for the third celebrity that dies after Frazier and Heavy D: Aretha Franklin. #outonalimb

That's all for this week.  See you next Tuesday.

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Becoming Supermommy said...

My husband is always accusing me of liking "girl baseball movies." Which is to say, For the Love of the Game, A League of Their Own, and Field of Dreams.

...A League Of Their Own is a way better theme than Rookie of the Year. Especially for twins. :)