Monday, November 14, 2011

Twitter Machine Tuesday

This past weekend I worked on my day off.  I don't like to do that.  And I really hate not spending time with my girls.  Fortunately my mom was able to watch them on short notice.  So Erin and I were able to work the baptism that we were scheduled to do, and then I went straight from there to my real job.  I knew there would be days like this when I moved into my new career, but it doesn't make it easier to leave the girls.  Even in my mom's able care, I hate a day with less of them.

I will try my best to not miss out on the time I have with them because I know it is precious.

On to the Machine:

Copyright Rare Ltd
 -Dumb people will always outnumber smart people because smart people understand contraception.
-For proof of my previous statement see: Duggar, Jim Bob and Michelle
-I haven't started any of my 30 by 30 list yet. Although I may have committed myself to the Napa Valley Marathon #howlongtotrain?
-I love that the Ducks destroyed Stanford if only because it can lead to BCS insanity #chaostheory
-Alex Smith is 8-1, Mickey Rourke is in the #1 movie in America & Ashton Kutcher is on a top-rated show #signsoftheapocalypse
-I've yet to hear a compelling argument in favor of cake.
-There's a special ring of hell for a guy like Jerry Sandusky #pennstate
-What defense attorney thought it was a good idea for that guy to give an interview?
-And he readily admits to showering with underage boys like that's okay.
-The Hunger Games trailer is totally friggin awesome. So pumped for that movie. #wishitwasRrated #wishitwasmarch
-I don't understand a woman that has an affair with a married man and then acts surprised when he cheats on her #reapwhatyousow
-Seriously, the NBA has reached the last straw. I give up on those spoiled brats.
-The national nightmare is over: 30 Rock is going to be back in January. #iwanttogotothere
-I'm really sick of the whole "found footage" craze. It really got over the top with Apollo 18.
-How about some found footage of stuff that actually happened? #jfk #mlbplayoffs
-Seriously how is Whitney still on the air?
-Apparently mashing up dance numbers from Newsies with current hits is a thing. #infoformywife
-I can't say this enough. There is no way Pentatonix loses The Sing-Off unless everyone in America votes against them.
-The Thanksgiving Day parade sucks. There I said it. No one wants to see crappy lip-syncing pop stars and The Rockettes.
-Parades in general are nothing special. I've never understood the appeal.
-@erinsgirls wants so badly to see the new Twilight movie. Looks like I'll be on my own for a night.
-I'll watch a real vampire movie instead #lettherightonein #nosferatu #blackula

See you all next week.

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