Monday, October 8, 2012

30 by 30: AFI & Oscars

If you haven't learned from reading my blog, I love movies.  Like love them.  I love movies that are bad because I can talk shit on them.  I love movies that are great, so I can watch and re-watch them.  I love movies that only I think are good simply because of one or two lines.  I love old movies and new movies.  Animated movies and live action movies.  Horror movies and love stories.

I can watch just about anything and find something redeeming about it.  Well almost anything.  There are a few movies like Sex and the City that are just not meant for me at all.  And I've only actually walked out of two movies in my lifetime: Big Momma's House and House of the Dead.  Maybe this says more about movies with the word House in them.  That may be why I never got into the TV show House.  But that's a story for another day.

This love of movies has led to me spending way too much of my time and money on them.  I have over 400 movies on DVD in my collection.  There was a time that I spent every Friday night with friends seeing the newest release to theatres.  Many times it was a Thursday at midnight showing.

I don't even want to calculate the amount of time I've spent staring at a screen showing a movie.  Let's just put in somewhere between 5000 hours and two years of my life.

But I regret nothing!

In that time spent watching anything I could and my downright psychotic, completist nature, you'd have thought that I would have gotten around to see all the AFI 100 or every best picture winner.  It hasn't happened.  As it stands now, I'm 21 movies away from seeing the entire AFI 100 list and 24 away from all the Best Picture winners.

I still have time before my birthday to knock them out.  The problem is availability and time.  Some of the older movies on the list aren't so easy to find, and we cancelled our Netflix account some time ago making it that much more difficult.  Factor in that we have so little time to actually sit down and watch a movie like Cavalcade, and it makes it somewhat difficult.

Something that I definitely want to do is watch some of these great movies with our girls as they get older.  And maybe they'll fall in love with movies just like their dad has.


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