Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Twitter Machine Tuesday

I can't really be back until I have a Twitter Machine post, right?  Well here it is.

I call the girls Kiddo all the time.  As in, "It's time for bed, kiddo" or "Have fun today, kiddo."  This morning I told Ana that we had to put on our shoes before we left for their Grandma's house.  I said "It's time to go kiddo."  Her response was "Go kiddo" with a smile as infectious as I've ever seen.  I swear they know exactly what to say to make my heart burst.  Every single time.

On to the much delayed and lowly regarded Twitter Machine.

-I mean really. Revolution is just an atrociously bad idea for a show.
-The last month has included so many new albums by artists I love. Ben Folds Five, DMB and Mumford & Sons in back to back to back weeks.
-I've listened to all three non-stop. I got a week long break before the new Matt & Kim to really enjoy the others.
-The girls are on a high five kick. Ana loves to give what she calls Eye Fives.
-She just say "Daddy, eye five?" then "Mama, eye five?" then "Sissy, eye five?" #rinseandrepeat
-Erin smacked me in the eye the other day with her open hand and said "Eye Five." It wasn't nearly as funny as she thought it was.
-The Giants winning the West is sweet. What would be extra sweet is eliminating the Dodgers from the playoffs #sfgiants
-Had a root canal last week. Will start flossing as many times per day as is necessary to avoid that shit again. #antidentite
-It's funny that my tooth never actually hurt until AFTER I went to the dentist. And I had to pay a lot of money to be tortured. #antidentite
-I feel like dentists are one step down from serial killers. They just don't have it in them to kill. But torture? Sure. #antidentite
-I did at least replay numerous scenes from Finding Nemo in my head during the root canal. #beingadad
-Saw a girl with a bunny iPhone case. Yeah this doesn't bring you any closer to your goal of being a playmate. #dreambig
-I held an iPhone 5, and it was super light. I also had no desire to buy it.
-Now I know how Erin felt when she held a baby besides our girls and proclaimed "Nope I don't need to have another one yet"
-No I'm not comparing an iPhone to a baby human. Unless said baby human is the most advanced baby known to man.
-I'd like to ask the lady who bit Danny Bonaduce's face what he tasted like. I'm guessing failure, spray tan and just a subtle hint of ginger.
-So Doyle from the Gilmore Girls may write Mockingjay. Do you think Coin will be inspired by Paris Geller's overthrow of the Yale Daily News? #HungerGames #GilmoreGirls
-There are like three people nodding at that reference right now. And that is plenty for me.
-The girls have long enough hair now to put in pigtails. In other news, I'm so wrapped and have no chance of ever saying no to them.
-In case you're keeping score at home, Lover of the Light is the best song on the new Mumford & Sons. Debate = Over.
-Does anyone know where I can take banjo lessons? #mumfordproblems

That's all for this week's Twitter Machine.  Good to be back.  See you next Tuesday.


Becoming Supermommy said...

-So glad you're back! Yay!
-Revolution is so bad. Seriously, seriously bad. ZOMG bad.
-Pigtails are the worst. Discipline ends until the novelty wears off. Give or take six months.
-How old are they now?

Brandon said...

@ BS - They'll be two next month. I just wrote that and am dumbfounded at how quickly the past two years have gone by.