Sunday, May 15, 2011

1000 Words

Did you miss me last week?  Don't lie.  I know you didn't, but I'm not offended.  The truth is that I oftentimes forget to take pictures throughout the week and end up cramming everything from the previous day into a picture post.  Not the case this week.  I was semi-proactive even.

So sit back (or lean forward or whatever) and enjoy my pictures from the week that was.

grab a beer button

In honor of the person that started this whole week in pictures shindig, I've grabbed my IPA (accept no substitute) for the party.

It has literally been months since I've gotten a haircut.  I think I've had a pretty good excuse what with the little ones and having a full-time job and all.  This was the week where the hair had to go.  It becomes downright unmanagable when it gets to a certain length.  Something I'm not looking forward to as far as our girls.  This is the before picture.

And the after picture.  I'm defintiely more aerodynamic now.

This is a part of my "Hate to go to work everyday" collection.  Basically Erin sends me pictures whenever she is at home with the girls.  I love getting them, but I hate that I can't experience them in person.  If there is anyone out there that wants to pay me boatloads of money to stay at home, I'll sign whatever contracts you want.

Grace has "discovered" her toes.  She is much like Columbus in that she was looking for a passage to India and instead found something much more interesting.

Food Coma

I always love poking my head into the nursery before I leave for work in the morning.  This is what I found on Thursday morning.  Grace has started to take after her mom and is pulling blankets over her head.  Ana has now been rolling over in the middle of the night to sleep on her stomach.

What'd I do?

Obligatory Saturday morning in bed picture.

Have a great week everyone!

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Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...


How was the beer?

The hair looks good. I had no idea you were rocking all those locks.