Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Twitter Machine Tuesday

So you're probably wondering where I've been.  Or probably not.  I've been sick as a dog for the past week on a steady diet of Nyquil, Dayquil and all the other Quils.  But I promise I'll actually be writing this week.  You may even enjoy it.  But the one thing that laziness allows is my fake Twitter Machine.

-I miss the days of the cheesy 80s tv theme song. There just isn't anything like the Perfect Strangers theme.
-Our house was quite somber after the Buster Posey injury. Thinking of sending a picture of Grace to cheer him up.
-Can't find one of the discs from Netflix. Now we're a 2 disc family. Great.
-Had Thai food for the first time since Erin got pregnant. It was glorious.
-Now that it lets me spend time with the girls, I appreciate 3-day weekends even more.
-Watching your babies sleep=Cute. Watching someone else's babies sleep=A little creepy.
-The tracker on blogger that tells you where your audience lives is so interesting. Malaysia is reading my blog?
-Read The Hunger Games after my wife raved about it. I feel like there was so much untapped potential in the series.
-Seriously where is the Ender's Game movie?
-Ana has teeth coming in on the top. It's adorable, but she kinda looks like a hillbilly.
-What is the cutoff for acceptable number of people in group at a restaurant without renting a room?
-Sam Adams Summer Ale season is upon us. That's a good thing.
-Erin and I are watching 30 Rock from the beginning.  I'd seen episodes before but not every one of them until now.
-The whole "I" versus "Me" thing really bothers me.  If I'm in a picture with someone, it is someone and me not someone and I.

That's it for this week of the Twitter Machine.

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erin said...

um, since i got pregnant LAST YEAR. let's make that clear to anyone who thinks i am pregnant again. i am not.

i love beer. in any seasonal variety.

i can't believe we waited this long to watch 30 rock. what were we thinking?