Saturday, May 21, 2011


I know it's a little played out at this point to write about the rapture.  Which in and of itself is ridiculous.  We're really talking about the rapture as if it is serious business, and everyone is talking about it.  It's getting coverage on news broadcast.  Radio shows have been going on and on about it.  People are writing serious articles about it.

It would suck if it was actually true, but it could be worse.  I've at least led a pretty good life up to this point.

I've gotten to experience the following:
  • I'm not a virgin.  Not saying that being a virgin is a bad thing, but virginity probably tops the list of things you don't want to be in possesion of when you get to the pearly gates.
  • Finished high school and college.
  • I married my best friend, and she loves me a lot.
  • We traveled all around the world together (Spain, Italy, Ireland, etc.).
  • I went to a World Series game in which my team was playing.
  • I saw the Giants win the World Series.  Seriously there were times when I thought I wouldn't see that before I died.
  • I ran a marathon and multiple half-marathons.
  • We bought a house in a wonderful neighborhood.
  • I found out I was going to be a dad.
  • I watched the birth of my daughters.
  • They've since smiled and laughed which has filled my heart with more joy than anything.
  • They actually seem to recognize me and are happy when I come home.
I can't complain about anything I've done with my life.  There are however still things I'd like to experience.
  • I want to hear my daughters' first words.
  • I want to see them take their first steps.
  • Their first day of school.
  • There are so many places I'd still like to see like Germany, Australia and Japan.
  • Sky-diving seems like it would be pretty fun.
  • My kids getting married and starting their own families.
  • The Kings winning the NBA championship.
Mostly I just want my kids to have as full and as rich a life as I've had.  They shouldn't get robbed of all these experiences because some stupid rapture.

As ridiculous as this whole rapture thing is, it does help put into perspective that I have a lot of life left to live and my daughters have even more.  If the rapture does happen, I've already come to the conclusion that my wife will head on, and I'll be left behind a la that Kirk Cameron movie.  She is obviously a much better person than me and will take the girls with her.  I'll have to look after any pets and hang out with all the others that didn't make the cut.  At least no more Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons will be bothering me while I'm watching tv.

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