Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Twitter Machine Tuesday

Back again for another Twitter Machine Tuesday.  I'm never going to have my own Twitter Machine, and my wife only hammered that point home with her post about the Twitter Machine.  It just doesn't appeal to me, and I'd prefer to post those thoughts here.  So without further ado...

-I may be the greatest Sudoku player ever. At least top ten in Northern California.
-Ana gets so upset that she can't move on her own. She rolls over, kicks her legs frantically and cries.
-Words I learned in high school that I love: ramshackle, ebullient, fraught, quagmire, loquacious.
-I'm eating garlic fries this weekend for the first time all baseball season. Oh and going to a ball game. So exciting.
-I'm rooting so hard against LeBron. He just makes it so easy to hate him.
-Strained sweet potatoes < sweet potato fries. Luckily the girls can't tell they're getting an inferior product.
-Ke$ha was put on the earth to make Lady Gaga seem more tolerable.
-Crazy weather makes me happy. Reminds me of my time in Colorado.
-Can't wait for my girls to play on a sandy beach and a snowy mountain. One of those California joys.
-Whatever happened to dressing up? We used to wear suits and dresses. I blame the 60s and all those hippies.
-Netflix was definitely not invented with new parents in mind. Basically we've become a 3 disc storage and pay a monthly fee.
-Grace cut her first tooth! Ana got hers so early that I started to wonder. Now Ana has top teeth coming in.
-Can't tell you how much I love baby giggles. Makes every day better.
-Negative people suck. What has bitching and moaning ever solved? Also it makes people not like you.
-Parks & Rec is the funniest show on tv, and it's not even close.
-I don't know why Matthew Sweet wasn't more popular in his heyday. I love his music.
-Two hours of Biggest Loser every week is such overkill. Just show them falling off of treadmills and quit the product placements.
-When your kids smile at you the moment you walk in the door, no better feeling in the world.

Have a great week everyone.  Check out my "tweets" next week.

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