Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Twitter Machine Tuesday

Coming at you a little late this week on Twitter Machine Tuesday. My wife came to the realization today that the Twitter Machine is simply a way to be in touch with people you don't actually know. You follow celebrities and sports teams and other bloggers. Basically it is impersonal facebook.

-We've started experimenting with the girls eating bananas. Grace seems to like them; Ana is suspect.
-Grace also seems to like avocado.
-Tyler Perry is the black Ernest. Just a richer version.
-You have the right to say any inane, stupid thing you'd like. Just like I have the right to ignore it.
-I once told a guy who had his leg amputated that I'd do what I could to get him back on his feet. Add it to my "Going to hell" list.
-What percentage of textsfromlastnight and autocorrects are completely made up? 90%? 95%?
-I wonder how many people have intentionally gained weight to try to win Biggest Loser.
-Chocolate-covered bacon is so atrociously bad. I guess you can't just throw a couple awesome things together and expect greatness.
-The girls love when you surprise them. It's pretty much a surefire giggle.
-Royal wedding=waste of time. Prince William is just Paris Hilton with a better jaw line. #famousbecausetheirparents
-I feel like I could do a whole post on under-appreciated musicians.
-Navy SEALs got Bin Laden. Charlie Sheen was in the movie Navy Seals. Winning?
-Michael Scott has to be a top ten television character, right? His last episode was a little bit disappointing though.
-Another food I've missed since my wife gave up dairy: lasagna.
-My girls just celebrated their 6 month birthday. By celebrated I mean they drooled, smiled, spit up and pooped. Sounds like a good day.
-My wife wrote an excellent post about our girls at 6 months. You should definitely read it.

That's all for this week. Leave your 140-character thoughts in the comment section.


Katie said...

Did you really compare Prince William to Paris Hilton?! He holds a real job, has never been arrested and he will be King one day!

Brandon - Daddy Dialogues said...

Yes I did. Also good for him being King one day. Gotta love those figurehead positions in a country that isn't America. Don't understand why so many non-Brits were so wrapped up in it.

Ashley D. said...

I agree. Prince William is overrated, and I applaud you for comparing him to Paris Hilton. Bravo!