Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Twitter Machine Tuesday

Twitter is supposed to have cartoon bird pictures, right?
 Twitter Machine Tuesday is back with a vengance.  I've realized it is the only consistent thing I do on this blog.  I may not post something on any other day of the week, but I'll make sure you have something to read (i.e. glance over and immediately dismiss) on Tuesday.  Death, taxes and Twitter Machines.  I don't have any mantras, but that is close to one right?  Once again this is what I'd post to my Twitter Machine if it ever existed.

-It's time to start referring to LeBron James as Costanza. What with the shrinking and all.
-I think ADD & ADHD are made up by the pharmaceutical industry to get more people medicated.
-Cat people are convinced they're better than dog people. Dog people don't care and therefore are better.
-My daughters may smile when they see me, but they glow when they see their mom.
-People always appreciate and work harder when you give them free food.
-A woman that like sports makes life easier. Take time to teach wives/girlfriends/daughters.
-Congrats to my sister who is getting married this weekend. It is going to be a blast.
-Every wedding I've been to has been a-mazing. Is it because I'm there and know how to have a great time? YES
-Very surprised Super 8 was #1 with Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer coming out. No accounting for taste I guess.
-There are just some people that will never appreciate being given a prize. They want more for nothing.
-My secret shame: Many of these thoughts are not under 140 characters. This one is. Or is it?
-Ana may actually predestined to be a swimmer. She touches the water and immediately starts kicking. Quite adorably even.
-My wife is quite the perfectionist along with being a procrastinator. It makes for some interesting 11th hours.
-More appropriate name for their scandal: Pee-wee Herman or Anthony Weiner? Outdated references FTW.
-I'm happy for Dirk and the Mavs. He has busted his ass for a long time and earned it (as has Jason Kidd).
-Working from 6:30AM to 8:00PM sucks balls. I don't recommend it especially if you want to see your kids.
-How awful and irredeemable does Human Centipede 2 have to be that the entire country of England has banned it?
-Admit it. Ever since you read that one about being over 140 characters you've gone back and started counting.
-I had an eye appointment last week and confirmed what I already knew: slightly far-sighted and need reading glasses.
-I was thinking of huge horn-rimmed glasses like total 50s style but went in totally different direction.
-I actually think my knee is injured after Jillian Michael's Shred. Don't think it caused it, but it didn't help.
-Mobile kids scare the hell out of me. Mostly because it is still Giants season and I can be quite inattentive during games.
-Didn't Saved by the Bell ultimately predict this whole energy drink dependency that our youth is dealing with? I'm so, so scared Zack.
-When Grace actually knows what dada means when she says it, that will be a fabulous day.

That should do it for this week.  Keep on keeping on.  As always any comments that you'd like to post in Twitter Machine form are greatly appreciated.


erin said...

i'm so excited...

Dani said...

This made me laugh out loud many times.

Especially Costanza shrinkage.