Saturday, March 10, 2012

Daddy Daughter Days

I realize that last week I didn't post a Daddy Daughter Days.

I apologize for any heartache this caused.  I know the real reason anyone reads this blog is to see pictures of my daughters.  My writing is mediocre, so we know that's not the reason.  So it must be pictures of them that draws you in.

So I'm back this week in spite of wanting to just rest my weary mind.

Nothing too special.  Just pictures for you to ooh and aww at.

The sunlight was coming in through the window just right, so that it caught the dust particles in the air.  Grace was grabbing at them but couldn't quite catch anything.

I love kids in overalls.  Especially my kids in overalls.  I hope it never gets old.

Have any of you Instagram users out there noticed that basically every other picture is feet or food?  This was my contribution to the former.  Grace's foot is on your left.  Ana's on your right.  Don't think that is some dad intuition or anything.  Ana's toe crosses over another one.  Not sure what caused it...probably something Erin did.

I see my girls doing things like this and wonder how anyone can have just one kid.  It seems criminal not to have more than one.
No she didn't write her own name.  That would be pretty amazing if she did, right?  She was just walking everywhere and writing random blue lines all over the ground.

She has the look of an artist, doesn't she?  All forlorn and crap.  Although I don't think Picasso tried to eat his paint or brushes.  Just shows that Grace is that much more dedicated to her art.

Ana rocking a fake smile.  Normally she has a toothy grin, but this one was a little more reserved.  If you look closely, you can see the rock in her hand.  She has a habit of collecting rocks and also trying to eat them.

And this is just our attempt to keep it gangsta up in our house.  You can tell it's gangsta because I used a Z instead of an S on "KIDZ".

Hope this was enough to tame the masses after missing last week.  You'll see us next Thursday.

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