Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Twitter Machine Tuesday

The girls have been sick over the weekend.

If you were looking for a reason why I've been so lazy about posting, that's the reason.  Although I don't know that anyone actually needs a reason for my non-posting.  So we'll leave the excuses out of it.  Just know that a post is coming about that too.

-Is kid snot the only self-renewable substance? Why are we not finding a way to harness that for energy?
-Erin and I didn't see The Hunger Games over the weekend. Yes we're the ones.
-This weekend is Earth Hour. We're getting the Irish Car Bombs ready.
-For those late to the party you can read about the Earth Hour adventures here.
-I'm with Peggy Olsen. I don't like this kinder, gentler Don Draper. #madmen
-As always Roger Sterling is wonderful in all his smart-ass glory. So many one-liners, so little time. #madmen
-For those of you who don't watch Mad Men and don't get those last two comments. Get with the program.
-Of course the Trayvon Martin thing happened in Florida. They're friggin crazy down there.
-Sometimes I see prompts on Draw Something and think "How the hell can I draw that?"
-The sickness is coming over me. I won't blame my daughters though. Just their noses.
-I've missed Parks and Rec these past few weeks.
-I love 30 Rock and all but I'd prefer both shows on my Thursdays.
-I've grown to hate just about every contestant on The Biggest Loser this season. Also not nearly enough falling off treadmills.
-Too bad the US sucks at soccer. Even worse that no one cares.
-I used to love going to the movies and watching the trailers. The internet has killed that joy. #damnyouinternet
-In case anyone cares, I could really go for some soup.
-The girls and I watched The Iron Giant while Erin went out the other night. Ana was enthralled. #goodtastekiddo
-I call my girls kiddo all the time. I honestly don't know where it came from because no one I know says it
-I may actually read the Harry Potter books now that they're available on ereaders. I just don't want to lug them around.
-Had three of the Final Four picked...except my pick for national champion #oops #mizzou
-Why is Michael Bay trying to murder my entire childhood? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles being aliens and not teenage? #huh
-Anyone else have "Zou Bisou Bisou" stuck in their heads after Sunday? #madmen
-Have you listened to "Rise Ye Sunken Ships" by We Are Augustines yet? Because you are missing out if not.
-I want to invent a barber/hair salon with a "No Small Talk" rule. Just cut my hair damnit.

I'm going to go down some Dayquil now.  Hasta.

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