Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Twitter Machine Tuesday

Next week I'm going to be the featured blogger on Multiples and More.

This is kind of a big deal for me because I'm kind of anti-social in the social media world.  Case in point, I write a fake Twitter Machine every week on my blog instead of actually signing up for Twitter.  I don't really care about networking and trying to gain readers.  I assume I already have about three-dozen readers.  By readers I mean people who hit the "Mark as Read" button on Google Reader a daily basis.

Now I'll be featured on an actual legit website that actually gets readers.  This increases the pressure of delivering a quality product to you, the readers.  Now don't read too much into that.  Just because I feel the pressure to do something doesn't mean I'll actually do it.  You'll still get that mediocrity that you've grown accustomed to ignoring.  You'll just have more company now.

On to the Twitter Machine

-Dude in Corvette convertible = Douche who doesn't have the money to really show off his douchiness
-Draw Something brings all the fun of insulting someone's drawing ability during a game of Pictionary to the iPhone
-My username is Meshuggadaddy in case you're wondering
-Ana says "Nose" and "Teeth" and "Eyes" while pointing at her nose, teeth or eyes. It's stupid cute.
-It's funny they learn totally different stuff at different speeds even though they spend the same amount of time with us
-My fantasy baseball league has its draft on Sunday which will last forever
-That is officially the last time you'll hear about my fantasy baseball team in 2012
-What's worse: Having to listen to someone you hate talk about their bad day or having your own bad day?
-I'm self centered, so I'll go with the first one
-My Tuesday hasn't really been all that Super. I don't know what all the fuss is about.
-They should go out of their way to release a comic book movie on Super Tuesday. You know for synergy or whatever.
-Seriously Netflix losing Starz on their instant queue is a big deal. Just ask anyone on the internets.
-I really think Draw Something and The Simpsons Tapped Out were designed by some evil mastermind. That's how addictive they are.
-Finally getting into a groove at my new job. Only took me 5 months.
-At what point do kids in overalls go from adorable to white trash?
-Instagram photo-a-day prompts may as well be called "Take a picture of something besides your daughters for once" prompts
-Apparently John Carter is coming out this week. Advertising doesn't work on me like it used to I guess.
-But Casa De Mi Padre is out next week. I may have to go...by myself since my wife won't.
-And then Hunger Games the week after that, which reminds me anyone want to watch our girls on the 23rd?
-Another fun game: Drunk Draw Something. Basically Draw Something and add alcohol of your choice
-I don't know if 30 Rock has ever been more manic and fantastic as this season
-Will be starting to read longer books to the girls before bedtime.

Speaking of that I'm off for the night to read someone else's thoughts instead of my own.

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Kopp Daddy said...

I just have to laugh at the very first one because my (step)father-in-law has 3 corvette convertables. ... and he's a pretty big douche