Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Twitter Machine Tuesday

I'm not going to waste any time with my standard intro that's not fit to print in 140 characters.  Normally I'd regale you with tales of my life and girls, but there is no need.  Sometimes you just have to get right into the Twitter Machine, so without further ado...

-We don't have tickets for opening day of The Hunger Games. #fail #parents
-I'll gladly pay a babysitter for us to go see it. Maybe a date night or something for the wife and me.
-Apparently it's great. Or at least really well-reviewed
-Lenny Kravitz is in the movie but not on the soundtrack #freakyfriday
-The guy from Invisible Children getting naked and masturbating in public is pretty disturbing
-You'd think that seeing all the atrocities would have helped him handle people hating on him online.
-Buster Posey and I have some things in common #toyota #twins. We should playdate.
-The kids can come along too.
-Came home to Erin watching Dancing with the Stars last night. Rooting for Urkel #obviously
-The iPad just seems so useless to me. How necessary could it be with an iPhone and laptop?
-People actually said they were buying iPads simply because it was the last thing Steve Jobs had a hand in #sycophantic
-Mad Men is back on Sunday. Don Draper is my favorite tv character not named Homer Simpson.
-Peyton Manning went from one horse team to another. Wish the Niners got him.
-What to do with Tebow? I say trade him for an atheist and see what happens.
-This may actually have been a roundabout way to get Tebow back in the media.
-Prometheus looks to be awesome sauce with extra bananas
-I always heard stories of people getting back great tax returns, but I've never been the beneficiary. #untilnow
-I kind of want that Hunger Games soundtrack. I'm a sucker for Arcade Fire and Taylor Swift
-I'm not ashamed of that last fake tweet
-Why must we put everything in a bracket during March? It's so damn played out.
-I'd like to be cool and hip enough for SXSW, but I'm just too much of a nerd
-I'm a whole two weeks behind The Walking Dead. I feel empty inside.
-I'm caught up on Justified though. I love these friggin shows.
-Can someone please tell me how Jessica Simpson and Nicole Ritchie are fashion icons?
-Ana will now give a kiss when you ask her to. She even makes a kiss noise. #heartmelty
-Erin didn't believe it until she asked for a good night kiss. She offered to keep her up all night and reward her with chocolate.
-I also asked Grace how many is one and she held up her pointer finger.
-You say that you won't be that parent that gets proud over little stuff that any kid can do until your kid does it.

That's all for this week.  I'll be fake tweeting away this time next week.  Actually I'll try to do it a little earlier next time.

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Becoming Supermommy said...

In the words of Jon Stewart, "Your kids are the only people you get excited about learning things you already knew."

You know, like counting to one. :)