Monday, March 12, 2012

Peyton Manning. Randy Johnson. Grace Posey?

One of Grace's first words was ball.  She says it all the time.  She'll see a random ball from across the room and say ball over and over until you let her pick it up.

Of course I find this adorable and only wanted to expand on the cuteness, so I've taught her how to throw any ball she picks up.  Basically she just swings her arms wildly and throws it up in the air.  This is immediately followed with her laughing, picking the ball back up, saying ball again and throwing it another time.

But I think I've created a monster.

Now whenever she's in the back yard, she picks up rocks and throws them.  Granted this isn't a danger to anyone right now, but I fear a time when she decides that it would be funny to chuck a rock at her sister.  So now I'm avoiding the words of reassurance when she throws rocks.  What used to solicit a "Good job, kiddo" now is met with a "Careful" or some other words of warning.

I may be too late to curb her ball-throwing enthusiasm.

She throws everything.

Food.  Tossed.

Books.  Chucked.

Plates.  See ya!

The worst is her sippy cup.  We've been trying hard to move them off their bottles and onto sippy cups 100% of the time.  We think we've finally found one that will work, but Grace doesn't really agree.  Any time I hand it to her, she throws it across the room and cries.  After a little bit, she calms down and just drinks from it.  The problem is I don't think the cup can handle the constant crashes on the floor.  What should be a no-leak cup will eventually become a broken chunk of plastic.

I don't like the messes or the injuries that this need to throw things may cause, but I have to admit she has a pretty good arm.

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