Monday, March 19, 2012

Daddy Daughter Days

I told myself at the beginning of last week that I would be a responsible blogger while being featured on Multiples and More.

That didn't last.

I was done posting stuff by the middle of the week and totally didn't post my Daddy Daughter Day from Thursday.  I suck.  Get used to it.

A few days late, but I'd figure I'd post it anyway.  Enjoy.

In my free and easy years (read: single), I would take a day off on the first day of the NCAA tournament.  I'd drink beer and eat wings all day and flip between 4-5 games at a time without ever watching a commercial.  Thursday is my normal day off now, so I thought I might get to watch some basketball with the girls today.  Didn't happen.  And as you can see by my Final Four, I'm screwed and stopped caring pretty quickly.

The girls kept looking at pictures of their mom throughout the morning and saying "Mama" while pointing at them.  So heartbreakingly adorable.

Help us.  We're trapped under here...

She's such a responsible care giver to here baby dolls.  Look at the attention she gives...

Okay maybe not.

We went outside to play in the rain.  It was lots of fun.  Especially playing with muddy rocks.

Grace stopping to smell the flowers.  This was right before Ana tried to pull the petals off.

After playing in the rain, Grace wrapped herself up in the warm blanket to rest.

I have no words.

Ana was tuckered out too.

"We can climb onto the couch all by ourselves.  Have fun worrying about us falling off because we stand and run across it.  Hooray!"

Erin brought a small table and benches home that her grandfather made for her when she was a little girl.  The girls love it already.  They wasted no time climbing onto the bench and sitting together.  We now have it in their book nook, so they can sit and read or color together.

It was another great day (except for my bracket).  See you next week.

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