Friday, April 20, 2012

Daddy Daughter Days

Hello to all my lovely readers.  And the ugly ones too.

Back again for another week showcasing my day off with the girls.  With the weather changing most of the day was spent outdoors and the girls couldn't have been happier.  They love being outside.  So we start with some pictures from Wednesday evening in the back yard.  Running around in the grass always puts a smile on their faces.

Or they rock their funny faces as you can see Grace presenting here.

I think Ana looks so much like Erin in this picture.  Erin disagrees.  But we agree that she is beautiful.

Grace loves rocks.  I thought this was a boy thing, but Grace doesn't want to be put into some gender profile.

Help!  I'm trapped in some sort of outdoor jail cell.  No.  Actually this is just a patio cover.

Grace likes to run laps around our house.  She runs through the kitchen and entry way around our stairs.  She also screams the entire time she's doing it.  It's a good way to use up energy in the morning...and make sure dad is really awake.

Grace admiring her work from Easter.  That or she just wanted to reuse the stickers and stick them to something else.

In order to keep my San Francisco Giants label streak alive...

Ana now says "Elmo" when prompted.  She also likes to kiss Elmo and now she likes to drum with him.  I feel like she's trying to pull a Yoko on this one.

Grace is basically running away in this picture.  She was so excited to go on a walk.  Ana has started holding my hand on walks and will not let go.  It seriously makes my heart all explodey.

There was also a trip to the park, but you couldn't imagine how low a priority taking pictures becomes when Grace is putting handfuls of sand on her head and Ana is trying to get down from the jungle gym without the aid of a slide or steps.  Yeah survival becomes the number one priority.  Hence no pictures.

After the park, we took baths and waited for mom to get home.  So dad popped on an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba and danced with the girls.  Here is DJ Lance being a total creeper, yet the girls can't get enough of it.
That's all from this week's adventure.  Hope everyone out there has a great weekend.  See you next week.

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