Friday, April 13, 2012

Picture Perfect

I promised like two different times over the last couple of weeks to post pictures of the girls.

This obviously hasn't happened.

And I'm going to blame it all on my wife (which I'm sure will go over well).

She takes all sorts of pictures of the girls with her fancy-pants camera that I bought for her a few Christmases ago.  They are of a higher quality than what you get on a camera phone.  Not only that but she is always at the ready with her camera whereas I'm not always prepared for pictures.  Holding my phone to snap a pic of them would take one of my hands out of play to catch them or grab them in case they get themselves in a precarious position.

Now this wouldn't be a problem if I had access to every picture she took.

What normally ends up happening is the pictures remain on her camera for an extended period of time, and I'll get so far from an event that it would be useless to post them here.  This stems from the fact that memory cards with huge amounts of storage are inexpensive, and thousands of pictures can remain on the camera for months without needing to be transferred.

The other problem is she puts all the pictures on her work computer which I don't use.  I use the house computer to write and access pictures.  This is the same reason my facebook page rarely gets picture updates.

In response to this, she will say that everything goes on an external hard drive for back up, and I can just access the pictures there.  Okay, I'll give you that one.  But that's also a pain in the ass because the hard drive isn't in the office.  It's next to her normal spot on the couch (read: a place I never sit), so to access it I'd have to either sit on her lap or push her aside from her spot.  Or I could reach over her and the couch to unplug it and put it somewhere else.  Like I said pain in the ass.

I'd promise that you'd see more pictures of the girls, but I'd only end up dropping the ball.  So I'll say that you'll get nothing and like it, so that way when pictures get posted you'll be pleasantly surprised.  With that being said (or more accurately "written"), look out for an actual Daddy Daughter Day post tomorrow.

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