Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Twitter Machine Tuesday

Welcome back to another edition of Twitter Machine Tuesday a.k.a. the only thing I consistently post.

And is there anything wrong with that really?  Everyone craves junk some times, and this is the junk of my blog.  Which is to say it provides no nourishment and are the empty calories of the reading world.

I promise this post will have no puke-related topics unless you feel the need to purge afterwords...and that's all on you.

-So happy for the news that Matt Cain signed an extension and will stay with the Giants. One of the good guys. #sfgiants
-People say "$100 million is too much money for a baseball player". This falls under the heading of not my money, so who cares?
-I say that $2 billion for a baseball team is too much especially for the Dodgers. Again not my money.
-The girls went to an Easter Egg hunt on Sunday. Adorable was in excess. Pictures and such to come later this week.
-Other blogs I follow seem to get stupid and rude commenters all the time.
-I'd love to have stupid commenters. If you have any stupid friends that'd like to comment on a blog, send them my way.
-Ashton Kutcher to play Steve Jobs in a movie. Insert stupid "Is this an elaborate Punk'd" jokes here.
-Rock, Chalk...not so much
-April Fools Day is a total Bro-liday. I still like watching pranks happen to other people though. Does that make me a bro?
-I don't like a James Bond that prefers Heineken to a Martini. If it was a good beer, maybe. Maybe.
-Alec Baldwin is marrying a 28-year-old. Jack Donaghey can meditate perfectly, so he's earned it.
-I didn't win the Mega Millions. I also didn't play, but who's keeping track?
-Betty Draper in a fat suit was only slightly more distracting than Peggy Olson in a fat suit #madmen
-Erin seriously asked if January Jones actually got fat. Yeah an actress that completely trades on her looks gained a ton.
-It was at least a creative way to deal with her real-life pregnancy.
-A Twins sequel with Eddie Murphy? How are some Hollywood-types still employed?
-Baseball season starts for real this week. There is no better day of the sports year than Opening Day.
-I hate that they've broken it up over 3 days and play games overseas weeks ahead of time.
-Erin and I have a date to see The Hunger Games tomorrow #finally
-This of course will probably change #inevitable
-It's not even a question anymore that Ryan Leaf was the worst pick of all time #NFL
-Anchorman 2 may be the best news of the year. Granted the year is young, but I'm willing to call it.

Seriously though about the comments.  Feel free.  I know there are some people out there reading my blog.  Even if you want to tell me how terrible I am, go ahead.  I welcome the discussion.  In fact I may even agree with you.


MeghanG said...

I may disagree about the better day in sports... #superbowl

Becoming Supermommy said...

Opening day. Yes. Please.