Monday, April 2, 2012

Sick Days

You know that sickness the girls had that I promised I'd write about last week?

Yeah I got it.

This would explain why I didn't write about it or much of anything at the end of last week.

It started with the girls though.

It started so simply.  There were runny noses.  Nothing a little tissue couldn't help (or a lot in our case)  But the runny noses begat horrible diapers.  Horrible diapers begat throwing up (more on that in second).  There were nights filled with screams and no sleep.  It was all times two.  Erin wore down and got sick too for good measure.  Basically it was no fun in our house.

One morning during the plague that struck our home, I came in to change diapers before work like I normally do.  It reeked in there.  It was a smell I didn't recognize.  I came over to Ana's crib to pick her up and something crusty was in her hair.  Apparently she had thrown up in the middle of the night while Erin and I were sleeping.  It obviously didn't bother her too bad because she just slept with vomit in her hair.  Needless to say I was glad to be heading off to work.

The girls had pretty good attitudes during the light of day.  In fact Ana sat in her crib with a smile and crusty puke hair that morning.  She wasn't fazed.

And I thought I escaped the insanity and sickness myself until about 3am on Saturday morning when it all caught up to me.  It was the first time in a very long time that I was sick to my stomach without the aid of alcohol.  I remember that I'm not fond of the feeling, and I didn't even get to enjoy being drunk beforehand.

I wasn't able to keep anything down.  I mean anything.  Toast?  Nope.  Water?  Not happening.  Sprite?  Not so fast.  Gatorade?  Maybe later.

It wasn't a good day and a half for me unless we're talking weight loss goals.  I literally lost four pounds over the course of 24 hours.  I finally was able to eat some Ramen noodles around 8pm without feeling the need to yack. 

Any time a twin parent say it's harder than one, they're talking about stuff like sickness.  It just has to be harder than one kid because...come on.  But we made it through and know we can do it again (hopefully not for a long, long time).

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