Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kill Your TV

I read a post the other day from Becoming Supermommy about TV shows and movies that she finds okay to show her kids.  I actually agree with just about everything she wrote (although I've never seen Follow that Bird, but I still have time).  And it got me thinking about our television habits.

Normally we don't plop the girls down to watch television.  That isn't to say that I'm some judgemental parent that thinks less of parents that do plop their kids in front of a TV.  How dare you show television to your child!  Think of all the irreparable damage you're their little minds.  You monster!

I actually don't care. You do your own thing that works for you.  We just kind of don't like the idea of the television being constantly on instead of reading or interacting with each other.  Especially since whenever we put it on, Ana turns into a zombie.

It is impossible to have the television off at all times with the girls.  Well not impossible.  But there are times when the TV is just going to be on around the girls.

There are some notable exceptions:

1.  Yo Gabba Gabba is sort of a go to in our house.  At first I was skeptical because DJ Lance freaks me the hell out.  I mean I can't be the only one that thinks he is creepy.  Also so much orange fuzz.  But, as Becoming Supermommy points out, the show does encourage your kids to move.  And Grace loves to dance along.  It also features a lot of great musicians (BIZ MARKIE!) and usually comes with some great messages.  Also the damn songs are like earworms that you've never encountered before (Don't stop, don't give up).  It also serves a purpose when we're trying to get dinner ready or clean.  The girls gladly watch instead of trying to trip you as you stand at the stove.

2.  Every Sunday night we put on a movie before the girls go to bed and watch a portion of it with them.  We try to incorporate a nice family film after bath time to unwind on Sunday night.  Usually Pixar although we've also popped in The Iron Giant and some others from time to time.  It's just nice to put the pillow pets on the floor and snuggle up with Erin and the girls.  The wonder in their eyes while watching a Finding Nemo makes me all fuzzy inside.  This past Sunday we watched Toy Story.  Maybe we'll pop in number two this weekend.

3.  When the Giants are on, so is the television.  I know I should limit their exposure and be a responsible dad, but I just can't miss the game.  I watch sporting events live.  There are too many ways it would otherwise be ruined for me if I watched a taped version.  And I figure we might as well get the girls used to the reality that is our house during baseball season.

Those are the three instances that warrant the television being on when the girls are awake.  I'm sure this will expand over the years, but for now that will work for us.

Ana watching a movie

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