Monday, June 18, 2012

Being A Dad

I didn't post anything on Father's Day because I rarely post anything on Sundays.  Not only that but we spent a large portion of the day in the car (or at least it seemed that way).  Erin had an awesome observation about it.  Her exact words being "Whoever put Mother's Day and Father's Day on Sundays obviously didn't have a job to go to the next day."  So very true.

Anyways I could have planned ahead and written this post last week and scheduled it for yesterday, but planning ahead and mapping out all my posts really isn't my style.  Case in point, I didn't even realize I was about to reach 200 posts until I was already at 195, and I didn't even plan from that point.

But as always I digress.

I was thinking about what it meant to be a dad on the drive to and from the Bay Area yesterday.  There is something about a long drive that allows you to reflect on your life.  Especially when you aren't driving and at least one of your kids passes out for an extended period.

Being a dad isn't just about knocking somebody up although that is a necessary ingredient.  When it comes to being a dad giving the life is nowhere near as important as shaping it.

You need to be a hand to hold.

You need to be a shoulder to cry on.

You need to be open arms to hold and protect.

You need to be a pillow on sleepless nights.

You need to be the light in a dark room.

You need to be strong for protection.

You need to be stern and lay down the law (even when it sucks).

You need to be the jungle gym to climb on.

You need to be a playmate when the need arises.

You need to be the clown when they want to laugh.

You need to be the example of how a husband should treat his wife, so they don't end up a douche or married to one.

You need to be the chef and the maid (until they can pick up their own toys and clothes).

You need to be ready to read every one of their books about 1000 times.

You need to show them how to fly on their own but remind them that the nest will always be there for them when they need it.

Mostly you need to want to be all these things because your children need all of these things from their dad.

I'm lucky to be Grace and Ana's dad.  I don't really need any gifts on Fathers Day because waking up to their smiling faces is good enough for me.  Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there.

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