Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Twitter Machine Tuesday

Fathers Day is a great day to reflect on being a dad, but it can also be a lot of damn work.

It used to be about buying a gift for dad and writing him a nice card (or more accurately having your wife do it because she'd better at that stuff).  Now we drive to places after loading the girls in the car along with everything we could possibly need for 8-10 hours away from our home.  This followed cleaning the house before we left to make sure we didn't come home to a disaster site.  Trust me my past self was my present self's favorite person when we finally got back home after the long day.

All I'm saying is that being a father means that you have kids which means you're probably chasing said kids throughout the day.  This means that what you've really earned is a good night sleep on Fathers Day evening.

-Matt Cain is a better pitcher than you. Period. #sfgiants
-If Sandy Koufax is reading this, you are the only one with a legit argument
-Golf is the most boring of spectator sports. I'm reminded of this every Fathers Day. #usopen
-Any champ that can be determined simply by another guy losing is horrible. #usopen
-I mean a guy who never led the entire time he was on the course won it? Weak #usopen
-Microsoft created what will probably be a better tablet than the iPad. It still won't sell as well. #applefanboys
-Arsenio Hall is coming back to late night. It's like 1990 all over again!
-Let me hear what the dog pound thinks...nothing?  Ok then.
-I hate the movie, but I'm very intrigued by Cars Land at Disneyland.
-Why couldn't Disney do something Incredibles related? Like an island or 50's style city.
-Johnny Depp is back on the market...ladies
-I can't believe Brave is already coming out this week. A strong female lead in a Pixar is win-win.
-I'm all for preventing flopping in the NBA, but some guys are going to have to change their games #ginobili
-I hate the DH. Call me a baseball purists, but it is just a stupid rule to extend the careers of no-glove players
-I really want to go camping. I can't wait to take our girls to the great outdoors. I don't know if they're ready to sleep in tents.
-It's looking more and more like the Heat are going to be the champs unless they have a monumental collapse.
-Of course LeBron suffered cramps. He is a vagina.
-On Tuesdays Erin's mom brings the girls by our work after watching them. It makes my afternoon.
-Ana got inside of a Scion FR-S and Grace climbed in with her. My two loves met for the first time.
-I just don't get excited about the Olympics at all. #thereisaidit
-Futurama is back for another season! Love that show.

I'm pretty low on ideas after a long week and day, so I'm checking out for now.  See you next Tuesday.

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