Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Twitter Machine Tuesday

I don't want to offend anyone else that bought gifts for our girls back on their birthday, but there was one gift that was clearly the best.  That would be the year pass to the zoo.

It's just been a great gift, and we actually use it more as the girls have gotten older.  It was fun the first time we took them, but it is so much more entertaining and enjoyable now that they know what they're looking at.  Also them being able to walk and run from animal to animal makes it that much better.  They see monkeys and can say monkey.  They see tigers or lions and actually growl.  There was even a tortoise and a few other animals for them to actually interact with on our last trip.  This wasn't really possible earlier on.

You get to see how they've developed in the short time since we first started going.  Their little minds are growing and expanding and learning all about the animals that they are seeing.  They're no longer all "doggies" like they were on our first visit.  Now they can differentiate each animal and learn about new ones.

This isn't to say we don't love and appreciate every other gift that they received.  I'm just saying there is a clear leader in the clubhouse.

On to the Twitter Machine.

-I know the NBA Finals will be exciting simply because of the talent involved, but I just don't think I can root for either team.  #NBA
-I'm not totally fond of LeBron.  I can't root for a team that was ripped from Seattle. My fandom is causing conflicts.
-So essentially I'm rooting for entertaining games and don't care who wins. Oh God, I've become a casual fan! #thehorror
-I'm happy for the LA Kings fans. Anyone that roots for a long-suffering team should feel good for them.
-Apparently Joey Lawrence is going to appear at Chippendales #whoa
-Now that I'm a father I can totally understand the dad that killed the man that was sexually abusing his daughter
-Not saying it's okay he killed a man...actually killing that dude might have been okay
-Tommy Chong has cancer. Treating it with weed. That sound you're hearing is absolutely no one gasping in surprise.
-Misplaced Grace's blanket a.k.a. Zeebs for an entire night. She wasn't happy but took it like a champ until he was found.
-She isn't fond of letting go of him since he was located the following day.
-There was a fight that finished amid a ton of controversy this weekend. #boxing
-You can copy and paste that last comment after every major boxing match. Save it for later.
-Free HBO weekends are always fun with the DVR. It's all about scheduling to maximize the number of movies you record.
-Pro-Tip: Many times HBO will replay it's big movies very early in the morning. Avoid conflicts and record those.
-We watched Bridesmaids for the first time. Pretty funny flick. Not as good as The Hangover #butstill
-Jon Hamm was of course fantastic as the uber-douche
-Personally I thought the brother & sister roommates were the funniest part of the movie, but that's just me
-I could write an entire post simply about this past episode of Mad Men
-I'm still not going to feel sorry for Pete Campbell though. No matter how sad panda he is #madmen
-I will continue to love him getting punched in the face though. More of that next season.
-But there is a large existential question about whether people are capable of change that is left hanging at the end of the finale #madmen
-Django Unchained! That is all. #tarantinoisabetterdirectorthanyou
-Is it a blessing or a curse that Will Smith turned down the role of Django?
-Also love the trailer for the movie Flight. Not the biggest Denzel fan, but it looks like it will be fantastic.
-Whenever the girls see my iPhone they say "Elmo" and I'd like to thank the Elmo Calls app
-I don't know anyone who has The Simpsons Tapped Out. It was pulled immediately with all the server crashes it caused.
-My name is ZombieNed in case you play.

That's all for this week.  I hope everyone has good one.  See you next Tuesday.


rptoohey said...

I wish i could play the Simpsons Tapped Out. The iPhone store would have me believe that it doesn't exist. Also, Bridesmaids is a great flick. Maybe not as good as Hangover, but probably better than Hangover 2.

Brandon said...

It's been having major server issues the last few days, so you're not missing much.

As far as Bridesmaids vs Hangover 2 we actually DVR'd both the other night, so we'll be comparing very soon.