Sunday, June 10, 2012

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (with Beer)

So today is the big day of my 200th Post Giveaway.  I'm sure you've all been waiting by your computers with bated breath all day wondering when I'd post this little bit of loveliness.

Well we went to the zoo with the girls.  That was followed with Grace screaming for joy repeatedly while we were eating lunch at BJ's.  Then we decided to get down and dirty with some yard work this afternoon.  Finally we went to a friend's house for dinner and dipping our feet in the pool.

I honestly didn't even think of this until I walked past the laptop and remembered I had to give something away.

So to let you know how this little exercise worked.  I assigned a number to every entry.  1-43 for all my public followers/minions.  The first number assigned to my earliest followers all the way through my 43rd follower.  Then 44-55 were assigned to the people that left comments on my 200th post.  The 56th entry was given to Janelle because one of the commenters name-dropped her and her blog.

After that I went to and clicked their handy-dandy random number generator and it spit out 24 as you can see below

True Random Number Generator

Powered by RANDOM.ORG

The number 24 was assigned to the one and only Becoming Supermommy!

I know you can't enjoy a beer or adult beverage just yet what with you being pregnant and all, but you can take a trip to BevMo on me as soon as you're able.  I'll reach out to you to get your contact info for shipping your prize.

Thanks again to all that entered.  For all those new readers, I hope you've enjoyed what you've read.  For all the loyal readers that follow me even when I'm not giving crap away, thanks for tolerating me.  Have a great week everyone!


Becoming Supermommy said...

Hey! Beer! Awesome! Thanks!

Now that I've been properly incentivized, maybe I can GET THIS DAMN BABY OUT OF MY UTERUS!

And congrats again on your 200 posts!

Erica said...

Damn you pregnant lady!

Brandon said...

@BS - Thanks again for reading, commenting and being an advocate for my site. I'll have the swag out to in the next couple of days.

@Erica - These damn pregnant ladies stealing all the free hooch. Whens gonna be my time?