Friday, July 13, 2012

Daddy Daughter Days

So yesterday it was hot.  Like Hansel hot.  Like unbearable and horrible heat that makes you thankful that we've evolved to the point of inventing central air.  Thank you guy who invented air conditioning.  You are a true visionary.

Need proof?
Yeah 110 degrees.  That shit is unacceptable.  And as much as I love me some AC, I hate the bill that it creates.  So basically I have to be okay with it being 80 in our house.  That isn't all that comfortable, and the AC still works all day long to keep it there.  Once again cementing my hatred of almost all things summer.  Stupid season.  We should just get rid of it.

Combine that heat with a large fire that has given the surrounding areas a smoky haze for the last day and a half, and it makes me a happy summer camper.  Needless to say our day was filled with indoor activities to beat the heat and smoke.

Grace was awake and ready to go as soon as the light broke.  They are just so beautiful in the early morning.  Grace almost always wakes up before Ana which inevitably leads to Grace repeating "Sissy, nigh-nigh" and my heart exploding with love.

Just sitting on the potty and reading a book.  No big deal.  Oh and there is another post all about the potty coming.  Just you wait.

Grace also likes to take her animals and put her blanket (Zeebs for the uninitiated) on top and says "Nigh-nigh" to them.
Ana likes to play with the bigger kids.

Getting ready for Mother Goose on the Loose.  Or as Ana likes to call it "GOOSE!"

We get special hand stamps after every Mother Goose.  Today we had fishies.  Which led to Grace and Ana pointing at their hands to exclaim "Fishy."

The girls have this thing where they take every shoe out of this basket, run across the room with them, put them all in a big pile and carry them back to throw back into the basket.  All the while they say "Helping."  I'm not quite sure how this helps but I appreciate that they like the idea of helping.

Ana has been saying "Bye-Bye" for quite some time.  Yesterday she was pulling this cart behind her and running around the house.  Everytime she passed by me she said "Bye-bye. See ya."  I don't really know where she picked up on it.  I think I say "See ya later" sometimes, but I didn't think it was often enough for her to catch on to it.  Needless to say this stage where they say grown up things with their little voices is so much fun.

That's all for this week.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Stay cool and hydrated out there.

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