Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Twitter Machine Tuesday

I wasn't clear about something in last weeks post about having multiple kids.  I didn't want to come off as insensitive to those that have difficulties getting pregnant.  I know there are some families that try and try to have kids and are only blessed with one.  I'm sure they'd love more if they could have them, and I understand that the one kid they do have gets showered with love and adoration.

If you were at all offended, get over it already.  Jeesh.

-So was there anyone that didn't know Anderson Cooper was gay? I feel like this was already announced at some point. #oldnews
-I'm kind of happy that Usain Bolt keeps getting beaten by one of his training partners. He's kind of a jackass to his competitors.
-Am I the only one seeing the irony in Katie Holmes divorcing whackadoo Tom Cruise so close to Independence Day? #freedom
-I'm really glad we didn't purchase HBO simply for The Newsroom. I hear bad, bad things.
-Apparently spanking your kids can lead to depression and alcohol and drug abuse. I wouldn't be a spanker anyways #notcool
-Spider-Man comes out today. I really want to see it because I love me some Spider-Man, but I can probably wait for the DVD #realitiesofparenthood
-Ana is the klutziest kid. She is constantly tripping and hitting her head on stuff.
-Yesterday she took a header on our bathroom tile. I was significantly freaked as she screamed & convulsed. 15 min later, totally fine.
-We made way too much food for the fireworks crew, so we'll be eating pork tacos for the next month or so #comeonover
-I miss the crazy suits that were a mainstay in NBA drafts of the past. I think we have too many stylists involved now #NBA #wherearethecharacters
-People were freaking out when Instagram went down because of power outages. Meanwhile people don't have AC in the middle of summer. #perspective
-Grace is entering terrible two-ish range. She has been a raging psycho at times. May just be her molars bothering her.
-We watched a bit of the Euro Cup final. We rooted hard for Spain. Ana especially what with her Spanish-inspired name and all #makesense
-I was trying to teach the girls to say Espana which only made sense after teaching them 'Merica this weekend. #internationalflavor
-We also logged some time with the 2002 Giants World Series reunion. Loved that team. Erin thought I was way too excited about it. #sfgiants
-I mean just because I was re-enacting David Bell's slide into home for the game-winning run of the NLCS to the sounds of Grace's laughter? #sfgiants
-Or it could have been me teaching Ana to say JT and Woody #sfgiants
-Rice Krispie Treats with Red, White and Blue sprinkles. They actually taste like freedom.
-I'm pretty sure I want to punch the girl from the U-verse Olympic commercial in the face.
-It's sad that Andy Griffith died, but I've been whistling the Andy Griffith theme all day. #catchyashell
-I know the rest of the country is in the middle of a heat wave, but California has been mild all June #keephatin #westcoastbias
-I hate The Bachelorette TV show, but I loved that one of the families pranked the shit out of her.
-I'm not saying that she is a horrible person that takes money to keep appearing on camera and that anyone trying to win her hand is foolish #ohwaitiam #thebachelorette
-Maybe I'm old-fashioned but making out with like 6 different dudes in the span of a week makes me question any time she uses the word "love"
-That's all I'll be writing about that horrible TV show this week #endrant

That's all for this week in the Twitter Machine.  I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July.  See you next Tuesday.

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