Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Twitter Machine Tuesday

The Twitter Machine in which I write about what Erin and I did on our anniversary.  Don't judge my lack of a creative intro to this edition.  I lack inspiration.  Just read and hopefully enjoy.  Actually I don't even care that much that you enjoy.

-I've kept with the theme of traditional gifts for wedding anniversaries since the beginning.
-In case you're wondering, the fifth anniversary is traditionally wood gifts (insert Kim snickering).
-And wood can be hard (insert Kim laughing uncontrollably) to find a great gift.
-I had a great idea though: Wine from Dreaming Tree (Erin's fav Dave Matthews song) because tree=wood #getit in a wicker picnic basket. #DMB
-Problem 1: Wicker picnic baskets are apparently not cheap. I can't see myself spending $60 just for the container of our romantic lunch.
-Problem 2: We planned on hiking in the morning to a lake or river, but Erin had to read at church which threw a wrench in hike plans and the picnic plan.
-Problem 3: It was like surface of the sun hot on Sunday, and going anywhere cooler would have taken 2 hours. Nothing says romantic like sitting in the car.
-So I went with plan B: Keep the wine. Wooden jewelry box. And a gift card for a massage because she'd like that more than the picnic basket anyways.
-My mom was nice enough to watch the girls on Sunday. So thankful for that. The only problem was we had no idea what we were going to do.
-This of course led us to Yard House for beers in the middle of the afternoon. I've notched another couple of beers off my list #30by30
-Halfway through lunch I suggested we go bowling. Why the hell not?
-So we drank beer and bowled. It was the white-trashiest wedding anniversary celebration this side of Branson
-We talked about going out for a romantic dinner too, but we missed the girls and decided to take them and my mom out to sushi #howromantic
-Ana and Grace know how to eskimo kiss which might be the most adorable thing ever. Ana even says "Es-mos" #idie
-I'm teaching them butterfly kisses too. Not like the stupid song. This is inspired by The Untouchables #obviously
-Whenever I see a story about really valuable items found in an attic all I can think is "This is just going to enable more hoarders"
-The homerun derby has become so boring. How many times can you hear "Back, back, back"?
-MLB's All Star Game is the best in any sport. If only because you know that everyone is actually trying. You still have to pitch, catch and hit.
-This year is especially nice with 4 different Giants starting. World baseball domination has begun #sfgiants
-Then I can tune out after 3 innings
-The great thing about turning your wife into a Giants fan is we have excuses not to watch The Bachelorette #sfgiants
-I don't understand the reason behind a red carpet to the All Star Game. So stupid. This isn't Hollywood.  It's baseball.
-I still have a Groupon for Icing on the Cupcake, and it is absolutely burning a hole in my pocket.
-Grace now throws her food everywhere. If we had a dog this would be ok, but you're only as patient as how often you have to pick up eggs off the floor.
-I taught Ana how to say "Go Cain" in the lead up to the All Star Game. I'm raising them right.
-Erin made this recipe that Crazy for Crust had on her blog. It was amazeballs and should become a summer staple.
-It has blackberries, so you know it's good for you.

That's all for  this week.  We'll see you next Tuesday.

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