Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Twitter Machine Tuesday

We wanted to let Grace heal on her own after her slide injury.  This was especially true after we saw two separate x-rays with no signs of a break.

She seemed to be progressing.  She started crawling.  Then tried her hand at standing.  She even got to the point of trying to take a few steps.  She still had a limp and wasn't moving or acting the same, so we had another appointment scheduled for this morning.

And we decided on this...

Grace rocking a cast and Ana consoling her
 Erin and I have never had a cast in our combined 60 years of life, and Grace is in a cast before she even turned two.  Bad luck kiddo.  Better safe than sorry.

Onto the Twitter Machine's triumphant return.

-Having a kid in a cast is going to be a pain. No baths and we'll have to wrap in plastic before showers.
-I really want to sign it with inappropriate stuff to get sideways looks from other parents.
-That or a heart with Justin Beiber written in it
-We hung out with Kim and Janelle this weekend. It. Was. Awesome.
-If you think they're cool in blog form, you don't even know how rad they are in person #seriously #timesathousand
-We even have inside jokes now. I'd have no problem scheduling a monthly get together. #baconwrapped
-Janelle's kid Ava is going to make a mint babysitting. Seriously this kid is beyond her years and fantastic with little ones.
-Giants trade for Hunter Pence #yesplease #sfgiants
-It's just great for Giants and Dodgers fans when both teams are good because they'll do whatever they can to beat the other.
-I liken it to an arms race between nations except without the fear of nuclear winter
-The Olympics are on every night in our house. Or as I like to call it "Time to catch up on my reading"
-I've started the Harry Potter series for the first time. Amazon Prime Lending Library #FTW
-Seriously as if free shipping to Amazon Prime members wasn't cool enough, you get a free book from their lending library once a month
-Great gift for a new parent would actually be an Amazon Prime membership. Bought so much baby crap in that first year without paying shipping.
-This is by no means an advert for Amazon. I just like the service. #gratisadvice
-I'm not an Olympic fan. I just don't understand why we hand out medals for basic survival skills like running and swimming.
-The Girls both say "Limpics" though. I blame their mother.
-How would you like to be a high schooler competing against Missy Franklin? Chick wins gold medals. Seems unfair.
-I wanted to post parts of this Twitter Machine on tape delay, but NBC wouldn't release their superior technology to let this happen
-I'd comment on the Opening Ceremony, but I refused to watch.
-Is there any event more self-congratulatory than the Olympic Opening Ceremony? Maybe the Oscars.
-I don't agree with Chick-Fil-A's politics. They just make a damn delicious chicken sandwich.
-How come you always want Chick-Fil-A on a Sunday when they're closed? #hangoverfood #murphyslaw
-We cancelled our Netflix streaming some time back, but I think we're going to need to reinstate to finally watch Breaking Bad
-Had someone tell me that I provided them with the best car-buying experience in 30 years. #winning
-I love me some Tolkien, but did we really need to make The Hobbit into three movies? #overkill #moneygrab
-Snoop Dogg is now Snoop Lion after travelling to Jamaica. This is actually a thing.
-What took Snoop so long to travel to the pot capital of the universe? I'm thinking they may not have had enough pot until now.
-No I will not confirm you as my family or allow you to post my info on your MyCalendar app #facebooksucks
-I really don't care who you're voting for nor does anyone else on Facebook. I'm here to see clever status updates and comedy videos #justsayin

That's all for this week.  See you next Tuesday!


erin - mutterings of eringirl said...

This is MY fave Twitter Machine #justsayin

Anonymous said...

poor girl! I had a cast when I was 9 months old... so I can relate. get ready for a lot of dirty looks when you're out. my mom got so sick of it that she actually said to a woman giving her dirty looks, "she pissed me off!" fortunately no one called protective services :) (the injury was actually from another little girl at my day care, not my mom, just for clarification haha)

and I can totally agree with you on Janelle's kids. Ava went to a play that one of our friends was involved in and I think she understood it better than I did!

kim {the non-mom blogger} said...

I'm really surprised you don't want to hire Isabella to babysit. She's such a natural, like her mother.

I think you're one of the few guys I know who hasn't had a cast before.

Brandon said...

I think that Isabella will recognize the financial opportunity of watching kids and decide the money isn't worth it.

I may haven't had a cast, but I''ve had more than my fair share of stitches.