Friday, August 17, 2012

Daddy Daughter Days

On Wednesday morning Grace had a follow up appointment regarding her hurt leg.  For anyone who doesn't remember, she hurt herself when we were going down the slide.  We weren't sure if there were any broken bones because the X-ray didn't really show anything conclusive.  After a little time of her refusing to stand on it, we didn't it was time to put here in a cast.

The doctor told us we were looking at two weeks in the cast and then they would reevaluate.  If they saw any bones in the process of healing, they would put her back in the cast to continue healing for another couple of weeks.  If it still showed nothing broken, she was out of the cast.

We were obviosuly rooting for the no cast option.  We're going on vacation next week and really wanted it to be a vacation without a kid in a cast.  Bath time would become that much easier.  We wouldn't have to rub it in Grace's face that she couldn't go in the pool.  And we could just relax (as much as you can with two 2-year-olds).  It turns out we got our wish.  Apparently Grace has Wolverine-like healing ability because she did in fact break a bone in her leg, but it had completely healed since then.

So yesterday we had a first Daddy Daughter Day without an injured kid in what seemed like forever.

See no cast here.  Just four legs and tennis shoes.  On our way to the park.

I just love Ana's face in this picture.  She always seems like she's up to no good even when she is stuck in a swing.

We went on a march around the park.  Ana decided that we should speed up.  She said "Bye-bye" and ran off.

And Grace faced her fears and went right back down a slide in spite of her last slide leading to injury.  Actually she feared nothing and went right after it like it's her job.

Ana is a little more careful on the slide...

...until I told her to go the other way.  Although it may have had more to do with her sister sliding down on her butt.

And then she got even more adventurous and went right to the big slide.

We logged some building block time.  I asked Grace what she was making here, and she replied with "House."  Obviously she is going for a Frank Lloyd Wright-type design.

We were pooped after a long day of parks, blocks, helping to clean mom's closet and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Great day.

I hope everyone out there has a wonderful and safe weekend.  There won't be a Daddy Daughter Day post next week because I'll be on a little vacation, but I'll have four days worth of Daddy Daughter Vacation pictures when I get back.

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