Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Twitter Machine Tuesday

As a bit of a confession, my last post about my mom's graduation was almost entirely written from my iPhone.  I don't write this confession as a way to brag or pat myself on the back.  I do it to raise a point that I have no excuse to avoid writing.

I can literally post from anywhere, but I don't out of laziness or a lack of ideas.  I could have easily posted from my vacation.  I decided not to.  I think I've earned that right.

Speaking of vacations, I'll be writing all about it in my next post.

With that we're on to the Twitter Machine...

-The Giants not only swept the Dodgers, they worked them like a freaking speed bag #sfgiants
-The Dodgers respond by trading for Adrian Gonzalez and a quarter of a billion dollars in contracts #notatypo
-In the world of poker, this would be called "on tilt." Dodgers are better right now, but those are some horrible contracts.
-I went to training for the RAV4EV last week. I was leery at first, but it is a phenomenal product.
-The girls sing "Are You Sleeping?" but change the words from Brother John to Sister Ana and Sister Grace
-Ana likes to say her name very loudly when you sing it
-Maybe I'm un-American for thinking this, but why all the fuss behind Madden?
-You by a new game every year that basically only offers roster updates. How does this keep making money?
-Jason Priestley is 43 and has settled for doing Old Navy commercials. I feel old and a little disappointed.
-A path of destruction is heading to the American Southeast. Also Hurricane Isaac is touching down. #RNChumor
-Where was Greek yogurt 5 years ago? I feel like the person that pushed Greek yogurt on America is worth millions now.
-His name is probably John Chobani or Greg Oikos or something.
-I feel like Snooki having children should be a stark reminder to men everywhere that alcohol leads to bad decisions #birthcontrol
-So Prince Harry likes to get naked. Who doesn't?
-I think it's very telling that all the news stories on Prince Harry are being reported in Entertainment sections
-Sick kids after a vacation seemed inevitable
-Sick parents is also happening. It's fun in our house right now.
-I think I'm the only person that hates Lance Armstrong. Except the French and his ex-wife and Sheryl Crow and other cyclers. #livewrong
-Neil Armstrong on the other hand was a badass #rip
-We have Amazon Prime and haven't ever streamed a free movie. I feel like we're squandering our potential.
-Ana and Grace literally say "Go Giants!" everytime they see an SF logo #socute #damnstraight #sfgiants
-Erin and her sister watched Something Borrowed the other night. Every character is damn detestable in that movie.
-The MVP isn't awarded in April in the MLB #mattkemp
-The only question I have left for The Office is when will we see Michael Scott again before it ends.
-Our go to food when we don't want to cook: frozen pizza from Costco. Scoff all you want. They are damn delicious. #nom #pizza
-Knocked out a few items from my 30 by 30 list and didn't even realize. Posts to come.
-Fake laughter loses sincerity very quickly. Especially since I'm not the best actor in the world. #arecbarwin #insidejoke #teamamerica
-I am however a beautiful singer. Not just propping myself up. It's kind of true. #fergieandjesus

That's all for now. Vacation post for tomorrow.  See you next Tuesday.


Becoming Supermommy said...

Hey, if you're going to catch a game at Wrigley this season, you're running out of time. As every good Chicagoan does, I have a friend who has season tickets, and can probably get you crazy awesome seats at face if you make it up this way.

That is all.

Brandon said...

BS - The Fenway and Wrigley thing is going to have to be a bucket list item because I just don't see us getting out to Chicago and Boston before the end of the season.

Erica said...

I too am not a fan of Lance Armstrong. I have a hard time believing he's not lying, and it REALLY pisses me off when athletes dope. Be a true athlete/hero by using your God given abilities for cryin out loud.


Anonymous said...

Why did you stop blogging?

Becoming Supermommy said...

I'm with Anonymous. What happened? Everything alright?