Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Twitter Machine Tuesday

There is just something so special about a Giants-Dodgers series.  Fans of Michigan and Ohio State get it.  Yankees and Red Sox fans get it.  Cubs and Cardinal fans know exactly when they'll play each other every year.  If you root for the Redskins, you know from very early on that you have to hate the Cowboys.

Yankees-Red Sox get all the pub, but Giants-Dodgers has a longer history filled with even more bitterness.

There are teams that don't have long-term, natural, bitter rivals, and the fans of those teams just don't understand.  If you're a Denver Nuggets fan, you have no hatred toward another team.  You may dislike Kobe Bryant and the Lakers, but there isn't 100 years of history and hate to pull from.

That is why my house will always have a level of tension when the Giants and Dodgers play.  It's why I still hate saying the name Salomon Torres.  It's why I'll always think fondly on a scrub like Brian Johnson.  It's why I hate Steve Finley and his stupid grand slam.  It's why I can't listen to a game on Fox that Eric Karros is announcing.  Joe Morgan is a horrible announcer, but he gets the ultimate pass for knocking the Dodgers out of the playoffs.

Our girls will be brought up to carry on the tradition of loving the Giants and rooting against the Dodgers.  I won't teach them to hate anyone.  They're just not allowed to like anything blue.

-Social Media has made being a fan of bitter rivals so much more fun. Talking crap to someone in another part of the country has never been easier.
-Note to 65+ year old lady with dreadlocks: Not an especially good look on just about anyone especially you
-Notable exceptions on the dreadlock front: Anyone named Marley, Whoopi and Gary Oldman in True Romance
-I actually set the volume on the TV to 24 throughout the first game of the latest series. In honor of Willie Mays #sfgiants
-Very much looking forward to some time near the water.
-I actually don't really like going out on boats though. It's the duality of me.
-Bought The Hunger Games the first day it came out. I haven't done that in a very long time. #marriedlife
-Jingle All the Way was on earlier this week. Erin was equal parts disappointed and confused I was so into it.
-I also had a root beer float while watching it. Yeah I'm 12 years old.
-I'm very disappointed with Melky Cabrera, but I feel no shame that I rooted for him. I thought it was just a great story. #sfgiants
-The part that sucks the worst is how unfunny and unoriginal the jokes from Dodgers and A's fans are
-Yeah two left fielders for the Giants are linked to PEDs. Yeah Juice Man instead of Melk Man. You're so clever.
-I always love training classes for work. There is no sarcasm in that fake tweet.
-I just love learning new things and getting outside input on how to improve.
-Going to learn about a totally new product tomorrow. Very excited.
-I'm going to write a full post about Tony Scott killing himself. I have strong opinions.
-There was no need to add a second wild card team in baseball. One game playoffs are dumb #mlb
-One game doesn't determine the better team in baseball #mlb
-What is it about Dr Pepper that is just so damn delicious?
-When are New Kids on the Block coming to town? #thingsiveneversaid
-We did FaceTime today and Grace kept saying Hold you which was adorable and heartbreaking
-I keep looking at my 30 by 30 list and feeling sorry for myself for failing almost all of them #stupidgoals
-Do Ed Hardy shirts come in a size besides small? #legitquestion
-To any Oakland fans: We aren't rivals. Get over it.

That's all for this week. Vacation is almost 24 hours away. See you next Tuesday.

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