Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Twitter Machine Tuesday

When I first started working at my new job almost a year ago, I would constantly hear from people that working with your spouse is tough.  I was told that you never get a break from your significant other, and it can wear on your relationship.

I have to admit that I'm not seeing what they meant.  I love working with Erin.  I get to see her all the time.  We can go to lunches together.  I can just swing by her office to say "Hello" whenever I want.  I think it just tells me that everyone that warned me didn't really have a healthy relationship with their spouse because I've been enjoying every minute of it.

It's just been on my mind as I'm coming up on my one-year anniversary that I've thoroughly enjoyed every moment of my new job.

On to some fake tweets.

-Apparently Bret Easton Ellis was being considered to adapt 50 Shades of Gray for the screen. #huh #theguywhowroteamericanpyscho #really
-I guess they wanted to get someone that actually knows how to write to adapt it #makessense
-Curiousity might be the worst name for a NASA mission/rover ever. The Peekaboo was taken #obviously
-I see the picture of Loughner and think "Yeah that guy shouldn't be walking around outside of concrete walls for the rest of his life"
-Gaming addiction is now a thing. Prescription: Get an effing job.
-Remember that two week period when everyone was addicted to draw something then it just went away?
-Ana constantly sticks her fingers in her diapers to feel out her work.
-Real Horror: My kid comes up to me and says "Yucky" with feces on her fingers #eww
-Although I think what she really thought was yucky was the dog hair that also stuck to her fingers
-I always tell myself to write these on Monday nights and then post them the next day.  I never do. #lazy
-I love what some people deem an appropriate time and location to argue.
-Now that track and field has started in the Olympics, I still don't care #notapologetic
-Although I think Usain Bolt is an incredible talent and also a dickhead
-How did we determine that the 100-meter dash was what determined fastest man alive status? Was there a vote?
-Sure they run fast for 100 meters, but dudes who run 200 meters also run pretty damn fast.
-I'm sure there is a snarky wife somewhere who refers to her husband as the fastest man alive #inbed
-What is it about chow mein that makes me want to come back for seconds, thirds and more? I can't help it.
-I think it might have the same chemicals as beer because I come back for seconds, thirds and more with that too.
-Saw the trailer for This Is 40, I just love Paul Rudd so much.
-Although is there anyone that hates Paul Rudd? He's just so damn likable.
-Our children are obsessed with Finding Nemo. They saw a clown fish in the tank at Nordstroms and started saying "Nemo" repeatedly.
-I'm glad it's Pixar. Hopefully we can just keep them locked in on those and distract them from the princesses.
-Grace has acclimated very well to the cast so far. She spends every bedtime kicking the side of her crib with it. #noisemaker
-Erin got tickets to Giants-Dodgers on Sept 9th #bestwifeever #babysitterwanted
-This will be only her second ever Giants-Dodgers game and they'll both actually be playing for something this time.
-Nothing better than a Giants-Dodgers game that means something.
-I should probably post this before midnight on the East Coast. #twittermachinewednesday

Have a great week.  See you next Tuesday.

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