Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Twitter Machine Tuesday

I'm currently running on fumes.

Actually fumes would be a welcome jolt of energy right about now.

I've gone over time and again how much I hate summer, and it has never been more true than this week.  We've had a run of 100+ degree days that seems to have started weeks ago and doesn't show any signs of stopping.  In reality it's been about a week and hopefully will end soon.  But the thing about consecutive days of high temperatures is that it doesn't cool off so much at night.

And last night was the all time stuffy, staying warm, good luck trying to fall asleep in a pool of your own sweat type of nights.  I couldn't fall asleep.  4am came around, and Grace had apparently reached her limit too because she woke up crying.  I feel ya kid.

Now I'm counting down the minutes until I can go to sleep again.  I hope to all that is holy that it cools off tonight.

On to a very unenthusiastic Twitter Machine...

-Man I just want it to be hotter for a longer stretch #thingsiveneversaid
-I just wish I had the kind of money to run the AC at 68 degrees at all times. That would be glorious.
-I don't care about the money or acclaim. I just want to be a celebrity, so I can be the Star in a Reasonably Priced car #topgear
-When did schools start going back in early August? If I was a kid I wouldn't stand for it.
-Our girls' obsession with Nemo has led to Ana speaking whale. #findingnemo
-Grace also likes to say "BUTT! BUTT! BUTT!" whenever she sees the boat #findingnemo
-You know who had it all figured out? That Joe Stalin guy #thingsiveneversaid
-Put on the movie Rubber the other night. Seriously WTF is that shit?
-Paul Ryan may be a great man and politician. The problem is he has two first names, and you can't trust that.
-A friend that I've known for 20 years got married over the weekend. It was a beautiful and fun night.
-And I danced my ass off #ofcourse
-If I don't leave your wedding sweaty, you really should have invested in a better DJ/music #justsayin
-What I really want to watch tonight is Project Runway #thingsiveneversaid
-The girls love marching. They say "March" and then march around the house following me.
-I know that I didn't do a Daddy Daughter Day post last week. I just never remember to take pictures.
-Sometimes I wonder what the internet has actually given us as a society
-Then I see the Baby Got Back video made from movie clips and realize that all is right with the world wide web #bestthingever
-Man I really hope the Dodgers score a few runs here #thingsiveneversaid
-The Hunger Games comes out on DVD this week. May have to purchase that one.
-I didn't even realize that Kate Miller-Heidke had a new album out. And it's been out for months. Now I want it.
-Shark Week is the one time of year where we look forward to watching the same damn shows over and over.
-Robert Pattinson is NO Peter O'Toole, so it should go without saying that he ain't fit to play T.E. Lawrence #lawrenceofarabia
-The only problem with Kindle's Lending Library is I finish books more quickly than they can lend them out #amazon #cheapskate
-I haven't had Thai food in far too long. I need to remedy that.

Hope everyone has a happy, safe and cool week.  See you next Tuesday.

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