Monday, August 20, 2012

Lake Living

This week is vacation week.

For the last three years, Erin's parents have rented a cabin near Donner Lake.  It doesn't have the same name recognition of a Lake Tahoe, but it is still a beautiful (and not as crowded) destination.  It allows us to escape the heat that has been a constant in our area for the last few weeks.  We can go on hikes and take the boat out on the lake.  We get to play cribbage and farkle and any other board and card games with weird names.

Last year we took the girls before they could really move and get themselves into trouble.  This year will add some beach and lake time with the whole family.  Not only that but Grace absolutely LOVES the water, so she'll be in heaven for the next few days.

It's going to be a great week.  Or more accurately for me at least, it will be a great four days.

I have to work for the first part of the vacation for a variety of reasons including wanting to do a great job at work, coverage at my job and not really having vacation accumulated yet.  I don't mind working.  Trust me.  I appreciate the ability to earn an honest day's wage.

The real problem is that Erin and the girls left yesterday which means I'm home alone for the next few days until I head up the hill.  This means I can't wake up to them for the next three mornings.  I can't put the girls to bed for the next three nights.  I can't spend time with my wife for the next three days.  We aren't going to sit down for dinner together for three evenings.  This basically throws my whole life out of the normal axis.

I'll just keep working hard for the next 72 hours looking forward to the 4 days of fun that will follow.  Based on the pictures that Erin has been sending me, it is a beautiful and serene place to spend some time off with my family.  The days with them will make me forget all about the next few days without them.

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