Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Gallawa Girls Story - Tracks 11-16

We've gone over introductions of my girls in part one and the gifts that are given when it comes to parenting in part two.  Part three is a little more simple as far as themes go.  A big part of having kids to see the world through their eyes.  I always looked forward to the times when I could laugh and play with them.  So part three is all about having fun.

11. We Are Okay - Joshua Radin
Joshua Radin has become one of my absolute favorite artists.  His lyrics are so thoughtful and beautiful and he sings in hushed tones that remind me of a much more upbeat Elliot Smith.  His love songs were my first exposure to his music, and the more songs I hear from him the more I love his music.  This song is all about growing up.  It is about remembering the simpler times of make believe and playing in the back yard.  I can't wait for those times.  I plan on having lots of fun with these girls because I know those times don't last forever and certainly go by quickly.  I plan on enjoying those moments when they finally come along.

12. Upside Down - Jack Johnson
Back to our theme of having fun and playing.  This song is all about curiosity and not letting someone tell you something is impossible.  It makes sense that it would appear on the Curious George movie soundtrack.  I love the Curious George books because they were all about the fun that goes along with being inquisitive and how rewarding a sense of discovery can be.  And Jack Johnson's music only emphasizes that fun.  He seems to really get what those stories were all about.  I'm always going to foster my girls' imaginations and encourage their curiosity.  We'll read about the adventures of Curious George and hopefully have plenty of adventures of our own.

13. Baby Blue - Dave Matthews Band
This one may not be all about having fun and playing, but it is beautiful and by another artist that has meant a lot to Erin and me.  Like Ben Folds, Dave Matthews Band has been apart of the soundtrack of our lives since the very beginning of our relationship.  And like Folds, Matthews has a daughter named Grace.  Nothing wrong with that.  "The first time I saw you was like a punch right through my chest."  That may be the most beautiful lyric of all time.  There is no perfect way to describe how you feel the first time you see your children, but that line is pretty darn close.

14. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Lisa Loeb and Elizabeth Mitchell
Just your classic children's song being performed by a contemporary artist that I happen to love.  There isn't really much more to say about this song than that.  I love Lisa Loeb.  She has a very distinct voice.  I also really enjoy when current artists put their spin on children's music.  It is a little bit of pandering, but I welcome any new interpretation of something so beloved.  I can't seem to find a video for this one, but you know the song.  We all do, and that is part of the reason I included it.

15. Little Bird, Little Bird - Elizabeth Mitchell
Erin has always referred to me as her little bird.  I'm not sure when she actually started doing it or what motivated her to do it the first time around, but its just our thing.  Because I'm constantly being called little bird, I was very excited to see this song pop up on an episode of Futurama.  After hearing it there I had to know who sang it so I could have it.  That is how I found Elizabeth Mitchell.  She is like a folk version of Raffi except her music is actually good.  This became the go-to-song each night as we played music for the girls during Erin's pregnancy.  And now we've carried on the tradition by calling Grace and Ana our little birds.  This song was probably the biggest reason why I wanted to even make this mixtape.

16. Blackbird - Sarah McClachlan
Continuing our theme of birds.  Now before you cry foul that I'm not including the original version by The Beatles, there is a Beatles' song coming up on the mixtape, and I didn't want to overdo it.  I also happen to love this version.  It is one of my all-time favorite songs by the Fab Four, and I do think that Sarah McLachlan completely does it justice.  Since our girls are little birds, they should fly.  And I want them to soar.

Only six more songs left on The Gallawa Girls story.  Check out part four and look out for the fifth and final part.

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