Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I Miss

I don't know how other working dads feel, but there are times when I miss things that I can't get back because I'm not there to see and experience everything.  Today was one of those days when I wished that I was independently wealthy or at least a stay-at-home dad.

One of our girls (Ana to be exact) rolled over from her stomach to her back for the first time!  It is so exciting when your kids hit those developmental milestones.  I'll always remember the first time they actually smiled at me.  I get a little too excited when they put their hands together for the first time.  I might just cry the first time they laugh.  But I'll probably have to learn about those things the same way I learned about Ana rolling onto her back today, via text message.

It's not like I'm unhappy that they are hitting these milestones.  In fact I couldn't be more happy.  But I can be selfish about it too.  I just want them to consult my schedule before doing these wonderful things.  Or how about a compromise?  You girls wait to laugh and crawl and walk and say your first words for a Saturday or Sunday, so that I can keep working.  I'm also willing to work something out for an afternoon during the week, and I'll try to leave work earlier to see it.

I know that one of the biggest gifts I can give to this family and my daughters is supporting them.  I need to work, so they can have everything that they need and a few of the things that they don't.  But it is so hard knowing that they're at home rolling over and smiling while I'm missing it.  You can bet that the first thing I did when I got home was put Ana on her tummy and watch her roll over onto her back.  I have to say that you don't even realize how much these sorts of things mean to you until you see it for the first time.  Even if it was a rerun of a previously aired program (at least it was new to me).


erin said...

If you aren't home, I promise to interrupt them mid-step, mid-laugh or mid-word and keep them contained until you get home.

I know how you feel babe. You are doing a great job. And hey- with two kids, we've got twice as many chances to see something happen, right?

Nicole said...

Just remember you won't miss them all. It does suck when u do, but they will do something equally as amazing at some other point :) Your post reminded me of that scence in Life As We Know It. Baby starts to walk and he pushes her down so she can do it all over again for the both of them LOL.