Monday, March 28, 2011


Ana laughed for real for the first time tonight.  It was SO exciting because there was no denying it.  In fact Erin was so excited that she basically yelled which in turn scared Ana.  This led to an immediate stoppage of laughter and moved us into crying town.

I didn't see the look on her face when she laughed because Erin was holding her, but I can definitely picture it in my head.  I can see it perfectly when I close my eyes, and I can hear it playing back in my head even now.

I hope I never take these things for granted.  I want every laugh to fill my heart with joy.  I want to see them roll over all the time.  I really have no shame and will do anything to get them to smile.  Sure we use these developmental milestones as types of mile markers, but we can't forget that they are also so special.  They are the reminders that you have a happy, healthy baby which is cause for celebration in and of itself.

I wish I had video of it or at least audio.  I want to make it my ringtone.

My Little Laugher

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Kopp Daddy said...

No greater sound in the world. Just wait, it gets even more amazing. The first time they fake laugh in order to see if they can get you to laugh too. ... brilliant. Keep enjoying the ride. And what a great pic!