Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Guilty Pleasures

We all have guilty pleasures.  Many people aren't willing to admit the little things they love that most would find embarrassing.  I'm not like that at all because really I have no shame.  I've also noticed that oftentimes it is media or media-related items that we assign as guilty pleasures.

So here are a few of my guiltiest of pleasures:
  • As I've already admitted, I have a deep love for Gilmore Girls.  Most guys would get laughed at for enjoying that show.  As if a well-written show loaded with pop culture references starring attractive women that are smart and funny is a bad thing.  But the appeal of Gilmore Girls was more than just the sharp wit and perfect comedic timing.  It also showed life in a small town with crazy locals.  It was like Mayberry for a new generation.  It portrayed family issues that we can all relate to.  Your mother can frustrate and anger you to no end, but she is still your mother and you can't or don't want to escape her (although few mothers are as bad as Emily Gilmore).
  • I hate reality television with a passion and credit it with dumbing down a large portion of our society.  I think I may be the one person in America who has never watched a second of American Idol.  That being said I really can't get enough of The Biggest Loser, Top Chef and The Sing Off.  Funny that two of these shows are really polar opposites.  One is all about people struggling with weight loss and food, and the other is all about decadent and fabulous food.  I have a hard time explaining what exactly I like about the shows.  I love that the overly fat people always fall off a treadmill at some point early on during The Biggest Loser, but that isn't reason alone to watch the show.  I could watch YouTube clips for that.  It is really more about them changing their lives and transforming themselves.  That is inspiring stuff.  Regarding Top Chef, I just love food television and love watching people do something I couldn't.  As far as The Sing Off, Ben Folds being involved is an obvious plus, but I also enjoy the performances and new interpretations of popular songs.  I also love making fun of the chick from The Pussycat Dolls.
  • Music is usually what most people bring up when it comes to guilty pleasures.  Mostly because you can enjoy it with headphones on or in your car with the windows rolled up.  It can be more personal and not open to judgement.  I definitely have my musical guilty pleasures that most men who aren't as comfortable with their heterosexuality would admit to.  Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake to name a few.  They just write and perform great and catchy pop songs.  I think pop music tends to get a bad rap because of people like Katy Perry and Ke$ha.  But The Beatles were pop stars too.  There is no shame in a catchy song that is well written and conceived.  And damnit Justin Timberlake is just so damn charismatic.
  • I really don't mind supposed chick flicks.  I love the movie Ever After, A Cinderella Story.  Angelica Huston is such an awful stepmother, but you love to hate her.  I think Drew Barrymore is cute as a button in it.  I just enjoy it.  I also love Serendipity.  John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale with a little Jeremy Piven on the side?  Sign me up!  It may not count, but I have always had a soft spot for Amelie.  It is just a whimsical and magical movie.  Audrey Tautou is adorable, and it is all about enjoying the little things.  I also just love the whole storyline at the beginning about Amelie getting so excited that her father was paying attention to her that her heart would beat uncontrolably making him think she had a heart defect.  Clever and cute all at the same time.
  • Weinerschnitzel.  I can't explain it.  I know their food is terrible.  I know it is horrible for me.  I know that I shorten my lifespan with every Chili Cheese Dog I consume.  But I just can't help but derive some pleasure from it.  Their chili isn't even technically that good compared to some of the better chili in the world, but damnit I love it on their hot dogs, burgers and french fries.
Those are some of my guilty pleasures.  What are yours?


Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but reality TV is my guilty pleasure. I cannot look away from anything real housewife, pregnant teen, or polygamy based. And don't tell anyone, but i think Justin Timberlake is a very talented guy.

Also, who the hell is Ke$ha?

Lizzie Mazz :)

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

I'm so self-deprecating that I don't think I feel guilty for anything that brings me pleasure. I have a burning passion for all things Bravo TV and social media related. I enjoy most music genres, including cheesy pop.

Essentially, I am every marketer's dream.

BTW, TOTALLY love Amelie, Serendipity {as does Todd}, and anything with Drew Barrymore!

Nicole said...

I'm with Kimberly, All things Bravo TV. It's like crack to me. Once I turn it on I cannot turn it off until they start replaying what I have already seen earlier in the night.


and I have to say I do love Reality TV. Not so much the MTV versions of "reality TV"